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Major Update For Windows 10

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 21 Mar, 2016
A few months ago, Microsoft released their latest operating system which is the Windows 10. As we all know, all their products undergo beta testing but it does not mean that it is already error free. As a windows 10 user, I also experienced some bugs that were present on their first release.

I remember years back that Vista was introduced on the market but it was discontinued and was tagged by users as a failed product. Vista contained severe bugs that even the markers of the product discontinued support.

The debut of Windows 10 was a thumbs up but many have not yet upgraded their systems because according to them, there is a big possibility that it still contains bugs. They were actually right but I was firm on my stand that I will immediately upgrade my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 once it is already available.

After weeks of waiting after the global release, it finally notified me for upgrade and right after that, I tried navigating it and noticed that after the upgrade to Windows 10, my computer's response is slower than usual. After a while, I noticed that the problem is slowly getting back and it even affected my... ... continue |

Productivity Tips For Your I.T Department

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 21 Mar, 2016
Having an IT team is a must for every company especially for those who rely on computers for their business transactions. Having an IT team means that you will be having someone to assist your company when it comes to IT related stuff. It is not new that IT professionals must be able to be technically inclined in order for them to work better and to be able to cope up with the demands of the business. In this article, I will be sharing some tips on how to make your IT team more productive and efficient.

Teamwork - This is actually one of the most important thing that the IT department must have. Working as one will result to good things. Productivity will increase and pending tasks will be finished faster. Always remember the saying that "two minds are better than one"

Log Sheet - In order to be efficient, logging everything would be very helpful especially for errors / problems. This way, you would already know what troubleshooting step you will conduct when you know the history of it.

Reports - Besides the log sheet, sending reports to each other would be a big help for you. This would... ... continue |

Telstra to enter PH

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 06 Jan, 2016
There is news circulating around the web that Telstra, one the biggest telecom company in Australia is planning to enter the Philippines to provide blazing internet speeds in the country. If ever that it is true, it would be the end of hearing about how slow the internet in the Philippines is.

Most of you might not be aware that here in the Philippines, we are on the second to the bottom place when it comes to the ranking of the fastest internet in Asia. If you'll be comparing the prices of internet connections here and in other countries, you'll be surprised how expensive our internet is. Below are some of the countries which includes their rankings.

Top 5 (Fastest)

1. Singapore 122.43 Mbps

2. Hongkong 102.96 Mbps

3. Japan 82.12 Mbps

4. South Korea 59.77 Mbps

5. Macau 50.66 Mbps

Bottom 5 (Slowest)

18. Indonesia 6.68 Mbps

19. Myanmar 6.54 Mbps

20. Pakistan 4.00 Mbps

21. Philippines 3.64 Mbps

22. Afghanistan 2.53 Mbps

From the said ranking, we could already say that our current service providers need to provide better internet / service in order for the Philippines to climb up the rank.

As an IT professional, I know how important it is to have a fast and stable connection especially for offices.... ... continue |

Firsthand review for Microsoft's Windows 10

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 15 Aug, 2015
It's been almost two weeks already since Microsoft released their latest operating system which is Windows 10 and as we all know, many are excited to download it for their personal computers. Microsoft of course was not able to finish all the updates for users in a single day and that it why it took a while before all who reserved a copy was able to download and upgrade their computers.

Personally, I was part of those users who were able to reserve a copy for its release but it was only the other day that I was able to download and install it. Now that I have already experienced the new OS, I will now be giving my personal review of some of its features.

I am currently using the Home edition version of Windows 10 and from my observation; they have redesigned it for it to feel and look new. If you will be using it for the first time, there is a big possibility that you'll be a bit confused due to its new look especially if you have been using Windows 7 or 8 for a while already.

We are all aware that the famous start button is... ... continue |

The comfort of working at home for IT professionals

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 08 Jul, 2015
For IT professionals, it is very common for them to just stay at home to work. Most IT companies allow that as long as you could produce the outputs that are needed from you. There are also some companies that would ask you to report to the office for a couple of days and would allow you to work at home for the remaining days.

Some of you might be wondering if how they could do that. Actually, working at home might be comfortable but distractions will always be present and it is up to you if how you would handle it. Working at home requires you to have a computer and a fast internet connection. When you are an IT professional who is working at home, there is a big possibility that the company has issued you a service laptop. Some companies might even pay for the internet connection of their employees.

There would also be times that you would be working at home due to the bad weather or unavoidable problems. Now, it is already the start of the rainy season and it is very possible that you just need to work at home due to the fact... ... continue |

Protecting your computers during the rainy season

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 08 Jul, 2015
We are now on the season where rains are starting to fall. It is now time where we need to bring our umbrellas and our jackets to protect ourselves. But did you know that computer needs to be protected too? Most of you might wonder why, how and is it even necessary?

In this article, I will be explaining why your computer needs to be protected during this rainy season.

During the hot weather, it is very common to experience overheating computers due to the fact that it is very hot outside. Overheating may not be a problem anymore but there might be new issues that might occur and below would be some of them.

Power outages - During the rainy season, it is very common to experience power interruptions or outages. The said outages might cause problems to your computer due to electric spikes. The best way to prevent this kind of problem is to have a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) or an AVR (Automatic voltage regulator). With the said devices, electricity would still be normal even after brownouts or fluctuations. If you are using a UPS, it could still hold the power for a couple of minutes depending on the kind... ... continue |

Microsoft's million dollar deal with US Navy

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 25 Jun, 2015
It is not new that Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP which has been around for more than a decade. So what does it mean when they say that they stop supporting a certain OS? It simply means that Microsoft will stop releasing patches and security updates for the said OS. As we all know, it would be a big risk to use a computer without updated patches. Microsoft has ended their support for XP last year but still, many are still using the said operating system.

It is not cheap to migrate from windows XP to Windows 7 or 8 especially for companies but money is not always the problem. In the US, the US Navy is still using Windows XP for their warfare systems. It is not because they could not afford it because as we all know that they do, but the problem is, the system that they are using are reliant on Windows XP.

As I have said, it would be very dangerous to use an operating system without updated patches and you might be thinking that why they are still using Windows XP. Are they using it even if Microsoft is not releasing... ... continue |

Things you need to check before migrating to Windows 10

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 25 Jun, 2015
It is already confirmed that Windows 10 will already be available for download this coming July 29th. It will be free to download for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users and make sure that you will be downloading it within a year in order to get the free upgrade.

Some of you might ask if would it support your existing hardware or do you need to upgrade certain components in order to upgrade to Windows 10. The answer is, NO, you don't need to update your current hardware because the requirements for Windows 10 are almost identical with Windows 7. Below would be the detailed specifications for both Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Windows 7 requirements

-1 GHz or Faster 32 bit(x86) or 64 bit (x64) processor
-1 GB RAM for 32 bit and 2 GB RAM for 64 bit
-16 GB hard disk space for 32 bit and 20GB for 64 bit
-DirectX 9 Graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

Windows 10 requirements
-1 Ghz or faster processor
-1 GB RAM for 32 bit and 2 GB RAM for 64 bit
-16GB hard disk space
-Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver
-Microsoft account and Internet access.

As I have said, the requirements are identical and... ... continue |

Software Licensing importance

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 25 Jun, 2015
Most of you might not be aware that computers also have licenses that are needed to keep a computer running. Most users does not care as long as they could type, browse the net or to play games but actually, licensing is very important when it comes to computers.

A license is a proof that a company grants you access to a specific software or application. When you are using certain software that has no license or you did not purchase any license, it means that the software that you are using is counterfeit or pirated. Some of you might be wandering why you could also download some programs or applications without the need to purchase it, the said applications are called freeware or those stuff that are free to download.

It is not new that piracy is still a big problem not just in the Philippines but in the whole world. To further explain it, a software is called pirated when it was illegally downloaded or was activated using a certain program. There are many hackers and computer geeks that could easily crack a certain program that needs a license.

The impression of others is that licenses are only used for... ... continue |

Receive and send SMS using your computer

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 15 Jun, 2015
We are all aware that majority of cellphone users not just in the Philippines but in the entire world are already using smart phones. Smart phones have several features and functions which a regular cellphone does not have. One of the features that are available on smart phones is that it could be synced on your computer so that you could
send and receive text messages directly on your computer.

This application might be new for you but it is already possible. Some of you might have heard it already but most of you might not. The application that could be used to sync your phone on your computer is called "MySMS". The said application is capable of using your computer to send and receive messages. Just imagine the convenience that will give you if you are working on your laptop and somebody texted you and you could already reply using your laptop.

Personally, I have tried this program and installed it on my android phone and I can say that it works well. I do use it while I am on my laptop and even if my phone is inside my room, I could still receive notifications. It is very simple... ... continue |

Pop-ups, a possible source of malware

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 05 Jun, 2015
A pop up is a form of advertisement that is used on several websites. It is called a pop up from the name itself because it pops ups instantly whenever you open a certain site or if you clicked something that needs to open a new tab. Most users assume that when a pop up shows up, it is already a virus but actually, it is not. Again, a pop up is a form of advertisement but if it happens a lot, a malware might already be present on your computer.

Nowadays, browsers already contain pop up blockers which literally blocks pop ups but prompts you if ever you want to enable them. This way, pop ups are contained and would only show when you allow it. Most users are not aware that some programs that they have downloaded and installed might be the cause of several pop ups appearing.

There would be pop ups that would appear especially when you install additional toolbars for your browsers. I would advise you to not just install programs from ads. There would be some users that would just click install whenever a website prompted it. Another thing, be aware of the add-ons... ... continue |

MS Office Training, the course that will give you edge at work

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 29 May, 2015
Usually, when people hear about IT training, they think that it is only for IT professionals but actually, it is not. Here at CNCTC, we do not just offer training for IT professionals but we also offer basic training for those who wants to learn Microsoft office applications.

Most of you might say that using the said program would be a piece of cake but not to all. There would be those who need real training for them to be really familiarized with the program. I do suggest those who work in offices to give this training a try and I would assure you that you will finish your work faster.

For those working with MS office applications every day, I am pretty sure that there would be times that you spend amount of time in experimenting on how to do a specific task. It would be hard especially if most of you in the office are really not that familiar in using the said program. If there would be deadlines and some formulas are not working, that could be critical.

In this course, you will learn not just Microsoft Word but also Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. It also includes the... ... continue |

Common Problems For The IT Department

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 27 May, 2015
The IT department is the one in charge when it comes to the devices, configuration and maintenance of all IT related peripherals. They are also the one who is capable of assisting customer queries when it comes to technical stuff. In every IT department, there will always be problems even if everything is well maintained. In this article, I will be talking about some of the common problems of the IT department.

Internet Outage - Having no internet is one of the critical problems for the IT department. Not all companies have backup internet connections to use during outage. If ever that your company has no backup connection, it could take a few hours or even days to fix it depending on the cause of the outage.

Power Outage - Here in the Philippines, it is very common to experience power fluctuations. When fluctuations happen, it could cause minor problems on some computers. It is very seldom that companies provide UPS for all computers to prevent problems during fluctuations. For the network related devices, it is a must to have it connected to a UPS so that if ever fluctuations occur, the said devices would not be affected. If network devices are... ... continue |

Worst viruses of all time

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 13 May, 2015
Most of you might be aware on what a computer virus is and what could it do to those computers that were infected. Basically, a virus is a program that could replicate itself without the knowledge of the user and it also has the ability to install or do some changes on your computer without your consent.

Viruses can be very lethal especially for big companies because it can freeze operations and could also damage infected computers. To know how deadly a virus could be, below would be some of the top viruses on the list that resulted to disaster.

I LOVE YOU - The "I LOVE YOU" virus estimated around $10 billion worth of damage. It spread via email and once you have it on your drive, it could copy itself and could stole passwords and send it to hackers.

My Doom - This virus spread via email and also by peer to peer file sharing. The virus forced google to shut down for almost a day. It infected many users because of its deceiving title like "Mail Delivery System" which many users would open especially if they are sending mails at that very moment.

Storm Trojan - The said virus... ... continue |

The end of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 07 May, 2015
More than a month ago, Microsoft had announced that they will already put an end to their long time browser, Internet Explorer. According to them, they would be using project Spartan as the codename of the next browser for the upcoming Windows 10.

Windows users are pretty much aware that the default browser that you could use right after you install windows is their Internet Explorer. It is also not new that many users do not like using the said browser due to several reasons.

Even from the start, I personally did not like using internet explorer as my browser because it crashes every now and then which can be very irritating at times. To be honest, you will only see few users that are using IE; you will normally see users using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as their browser.

When it comes to the interface of IE, it looks dull. It looks very simple. Sometimes, people tend to look at the design first before they use it and if they do not like how it looks like; they would not use or even try it anymore.

This time, Microsoft gave it up already after how many years. They will be introducing... ... continue |

Microsoft to roll out free Upgrade to Windows 10

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 27 Apr, 2015
Yes, you saw it right; Windows will be giving out free upgrades for those who are currently using Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 and take note, an update would be available even if you are using a pirated version.

It's been more than two years already since the release of Windows 8 and then now; they are again rolling out their latest product which is the Windows 10 version. According to Microsoft, the product would be free for update as long as you enable the Windows update and you must have the Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 version installed. But the said update is not applicable to enterprise versions because of course; they would need to upgrade their license to a Windows 10 Enterprise version.

Windows 10 will be free for those who would upgrade in the first year right after the launch. The said OS might be free but according to Microsoft, they would not risk security and that is why they would be releasing updates every now and then to make sure that it runs perfectly.

As we all know, majority of users who migrated from Windows 7 to Windows 8 expressed dismay which resulted to... ... continue |

Microsoft, The new owner of Nokia

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 23 Apr, 2014
Nokia, one of the biggest producers of mobile phones in the world will be acquired by Microsoft for around $7 Billion. It is not a secret to all of us that Nokia is not on the top of the list anymore. Years back, Nokia has been the leader in producing mobile phones all over the world but when android phones were introduced on the market, Nokia's sales drastically slowed down.

Nokia was known for their "User Friendly" mobile phones back then. At that time, Nokia's competitors are Samsung and Motorola. I remember having my very first mobile phone, the Nokia 3210 which became one of the most famous mobile phones of Nokia a decade ago. Almost all mobile phone designs and features of Nokia back then attracted consumers but after several years of being on top, Nokia wasn't able to sustain their position because consumers are now choosing other brands instead of Nokia.

In this present time, Android and IOS phones are the only two competing for the top spot on the market which leaves Nokia out of the picture. Nokia's Lumia which is powered by Windows wasn't able to catch the attention of consumers. It would be very seldom nowadays that... ... continue |

Useful shortcut keys for windows 7

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 20 Nov, 2013
In this present time, majority of us already know how to use a computer. It may be for gaming, browsing the web, for office or school. Computers were made not just for fun and pleasure but mainly because it could make our lives easier. In this article, I’ll be sharing some useful shortcut keys for windows 7 that could be useful whether you are in the office or in school. Most of us are aware that there are several shortcut keys available for Windows but in this article, I’ll be only specifying those keys that could really be helpful for productivity. “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” – This shortcut key will directly open the task manager for you. This shortcut is commonly used when there is a certain program that suddenly won’t respond especially when the mouse cursor won’t appear. “Windows key + Up Arrow” – This is used to maximize the current window that you are using. Instead of clicking the maximize button, you could also use this shortcut. “Windows key + Down Arrow” – This is used to minimize the current window. “Windows + Left Arrow/ Right Arrow” – In Windows 7, when you drag a window on either the left... ... continue |

Google's newest invention: the "Google Glass"

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 21 Aug, 2013

Years back when technology is not that advanced compared to now, I remember using those cellphones that look like walkie talkies and those small devices called beepers. At that time, computers were also not that popular and even browsing the internet could be really annoying because it keeps on disconnecting every now and then. Just imagine surfing the net with just 56kbps speed and with that kind of speed, downloading a movie back then could take days or even a... continue |

Disk Partitioning Advantages

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 21 Aug, 2013

Disk Partitioning is basically to divide your hard disk to multiple parts. Partitioning a disk isn’t really necessary but it could be helpful. In this article, I’ll be explaining some advantages if you would be partitioning your disk.

As a computer technician, I recommend partitioning because it could be better for your files. On my personal computer, I do have 3 partitions so that I could better organize my files. I have a separate partition for movies and also for documents.... continue |

Windows 8, pass or fail?

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 27 Jul, 2013

As we all know, windows 8 is the latest operating system which was developed by Microsoft. It was released October last year but unfortunately, the newest release of Microsoft didn’t catch the attention of users.

In my own opinion, the previous operating system is still better than this one. I’ve tried using a laptop that is equipped with a windows 8 operating system and I didn’t like it much. Even if I’ll be given a copy of windows 8, I wouldn’t... continue |

Tablets rather than Laptops

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 27 Jul, 2013

As we all know, tablets are becoming popular nowadays. It is becoming the modern computer and most people prefer using or bringing a tablet rather than a laptop. In this article, I’ll be specifying some points why tablets are now dominating the laptops.

Weight - on my own opinion, one of the best advantages of tablets compared to laptops are that they are lighter in weight. Laptops are known as portable computer wherein you could bring wherever you want but because... continue |

Cloud Storage

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 27 Jul, 2013

Most of you might not be familiar with cloud storage. Basically, cloud storage is like a hard drive but the only difference is you need to access it using the internet because is it stored in a server that could be located anywhere depending on the host. This is a new technology that could really be helpful especially for those who are always on the go. Using cloud storage is easy and could only take you about a minute to... continue |

E-banking, banking made easy and convenient

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 30 Aug, 2012

We are all aware that every moment, our technology is getting better and better. Technology is being used and utilized for our convenience. One of the proofs of convenience from technology is what they call “e-banking” which means that you could easily access your bank account anywhere at any time.

Years back, we don’t have any choice but to go to the bank to transact but because of the advancement of technology; banking now could be done at the convenience of... continue |

Social networking sites in time of calamity

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 27 Aug, 2012

Social networking sites are usually used to communicate with friends and share status and pictures but during the time of calamity here in the Philippines, Facebook and Twitter was used to help one another. During the flood, the said social networking sites were used to help those who are in need. I was amazed how the said social networking sites played a big role during that time.

With the help of the said sites, it made it easier for our rescuers... continue |

File Management Tips for Your Computers

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 06 Apr, 2012

Many of you might already experience having a hard time looking for files on your desktop. There might be the search function that could help you though sometimes, you still need to look for it manually. I personally experienced having some problems in searching a certain file before. I don’t have any choice but to look for it on every single folder available.  Searching a certain file makes it more difficult especially if you forgot the filename. In order to... continue |

Google + for Apple

By: Ailene B. Misa Posted: 03 Nov, 2011

In previous years, when you heard the word Google, everyone will think about it as search engine.  As the years pass by, Google continuously developed new applications and provided new features among the existing applications.

Nowadays, Google has started dominating beyond the cyberspace by moving to the mobile world.  Most of the mobile companies are continuously manufacturing cell phone units that use Google’s mobile operating software-Android.

Just recently, after Android’s success in mobile applications, Google has launched its new mobile application,  iPhone... continue |

Free Classified Ads in the Philippines

By: Megan B. Bolivar Posted: 23 Sep, 2011
Are you looking for Free Classified Ads in the Philippines where you can promote your products and services Online? Well I can tell you one best Classified Ads here. It's met all the features I am looking for a Classified Ads. Simple, nice and easy to use.

I will tell you the reasons why i Love to post my ads at

1. Its Free Yes its absolutely free to post an Ads. You can post unlimited ads with no restrictions

2... continue |

Samsung Galaxy Tab, Ipad's rival

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 23 Jul, 2011

Most of you might already saw what a Galaxy tab looks like. This tab was produced by Samsung, one of the largest cell phone companies in the world. They released the Galaxy Tab last September 2010.


-          1.0 GHZ ARM Cortex-A8 processor

-          7” TFT- LCD Display

-          WIFI

-          3.2 mp rear camera and 1.3 mp front camera

-          Android 2.2 (Froyo)

-          GPRS

Besides being a tab, this device also support phone functions which make it unique compared to other tablet devices besides Apple’s Ipad.... continue |

How to convert your computer into a home theater system

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 17 Jul, 2011

For movie enthusiasts out there, are you aware that you can turn your desktop into a home theater system? Yes, it is possible. In this article, I’ll be helping you make your own home theater system.

In building a home theater system, you just need to add or replace some components:

Monitor – If you already have an LCD monitor, good for you. As we all know, the bigger the better. In my own opinion, I would prefer having a 22” monitor... continue |

How to make Internet Cafe Business more profitable

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 13 Jul, 2011

For internet café owners out there, you might experience times that your profit would be below the usual especially if your internet connection is down. So as an owner, you must think of ways for you to be profitable even if your connection is down. In this article, I’ll be sharing some tips on how to gain extra income for internet café’s.

Computer repairs – This is basically one of the most effective ways of gaining additional income in a internet... continue |

Tips for Internet Cafe owners

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 12 Jul, 2011

As we all know, internet café’s can be found in almost everywhere here in the Philippines. Most owners of café’s are businessman’s who doesn’t have any a background in computers. Putting up an internet café without any computer background is not advisable. You must also learn the basics of computer for you to be aware and can’t be easily ****ed.

In this article, I’ll be giving some tips for owners to prevent being ****ed by your staff. I’ll also be giving... continue |

Where can I take an ITIL V3 Foundation Exam

By: Louie Jacinto Posted: 02 Jul, 2011
ITIL V3 (Information Technology Infrastructure Library Version 3) can be taken from any Authorized Prometric Testing Center across the Globe. If you live here in the Philippines and intend to take your ITIL Exam here then you can take your Exam at Computer Networking Career and Training Center Located at Rm 210 Dona Amparo Building Espana Boulevard corner G. Tolentino St Sampaloc Manila

You can choose EXIN (Examination Institute for Information Science) Exams The exam code for the EXIN ITIL... continue |

What's New at ASUS's Newest Product The Eee Pad Transformer

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 28 Jun, 2011

ASUS, one of the leading manufacturers of laptops has released their newest product in the market. This is called, Asus Eee Pad Transformer. As we all know, tablets are already being popular not just in our country but in the whole world. So what’s new about this product? What makes it unique? You might be curious already. In this article, I’ll be talking about the said product. I’ll be discussing about its features, specifications and more.

An Asus Eee Pad Transformer... continue |

Apple's iTouch, Not just an Ordinary Media Player

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 25 Jun, 2011

As we all know, Apple was the one who introduced the word “Ipod “to us. They are the makers of the most popular media players in the world. Back then, media players are basically used to listen to songs or even to watch your favorite movie. Due to the advancement of technology, listening to songs and watching movies might not be enough to satisfy you. If you want a device that can provide you with not just enjoyment, this might... continue |

How to Protect your Office from Property Theft with High Tech Security Devices

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 14 Jun, 2011

Is theft a big problem in your office? or can someone whom you don’t know can enter your office easily? Hiring a security personnel might not be enough to secure your office. What if your employees are the one stealing something inside the office?  You may not be experiencing the said problems today but maybe in the future. To make sure that your office is secured, I’ll tell you how to Protect your business from theft and explain some devices... continue |

Tips to Effective Review: 5 Steps to Learn Effectively

By: Tesa Mari S. Sabao Posted: 27 May, 2011

No doubt, taking review while anticipating for the examination day is very stressful. With the broadness of covered topics and lessons, most reviewees try to fasten up the study, not knowing the effectiveness of it is already forsaken. To help you out with this common reviewing dilemma, here are the steps on how to learn a lesson efficiently:

Learn the basic principle. First and foremost, you have to learn the basic of the lesson. Understanding the structure and principles will become... continue |

The **** Mistakes Most Reviewees Make When Studying

By: Tesa Mari S. Sabao Posted: 25 May, 2011

To some, taking exams is same as gambling. There are people you least expect to pass but manage to pass. Others even top exams. There are also school and career achievers who unfortunately fail test. These instances make people wonder what went wrong. Answering this dilemma, here are the common mistakes most reviewers make when studying.

Taking it easy. This is the most intentional mistake you’ll ever commit when you’re preparing for exams. However, many still fall for this shortcoming. Probably,... continue |

Social Networking Protection

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 21 May, 2011

Nowadays, protecting a person’s identity is a big deal when it comes to personal information both manually and online, especially, when it comes to social networking sites like facebook, MySpace and Friendster. You have to be very careful in giving private information such as your complete real name, physical address, home and mobile phone number, social security identification, and debit or credit card numbers. Because in doing so, you are actually divulging information that may not be necessary to share,... continue |

Ways on how to Protect your computer from USB viruses

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 16 Mar, 2011

Nowadays, USB devices or flash disks are the modern diskettes. They are handier and can accommodate large amount of files because of its large storage capacity ranging from 128MB to 32GB. But did you know that these devices are also the best medium for viruses? Viruses from your USB can infect your computer silently because of its stealth features. This means that they can enter your system without your permission. There are different kinds of viruses that can harm your... continue |

GPS in the Philippines

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 15 Feb, 2011

                I happen to write this article because I know that driving without knowing where to go is quite a challenge for most drivers, so having a GPS device can really help drivers to reach their destinations faster and easier.

To start it off, what is a GPS? GPS stands for Global Positioning System according to , it was originally made for the militaries in the USA, however, it was made available for ordinary people during the 1980s to present.... continue |

Gadgets and tips for your car's protection

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 28 Jan, 2011

Many of us are aware that the car napping incidents in the country is increasing. This involves not only the new model cars but also the old model cars. These incidents can be minimized by the help of some gadgets that can be installed on your car. Below are some samples of the said gadgets.

Car Alarm – Car alarm is a device installed in a car which serves as the main protection of cars from thieves. Cars with alarms can... continue |

Linking Television And Personal Computer Is Now Possible

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 08 Jan, 2011

Now, there are many ways and means to celebrate your viewing pleasure with the presence of your television sets and your personal computer.

Your television primarily is the one used for major family viewing, especially, if there are guests and relatives around. On the other hand, for personal and close viewing purposes, you can use your personal computer as a way of watching your personalized and favorite videos and live streaming programs, whether it is through Ustream, Justintv, and YouTube.

Meanwhile, the... continue |

Group Picture Taking At Its Best: Part 2

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 28 Dec, 2010

We will continue our discussion on ways to follow for better group photo production.

As we have tackled earlier, you’ll be learning four more techniques best for group picture taking in case you are engaged to do so. You will no longer have difficulties to find the best angle, side, and format for a better group photo session.

Here are the rest of the techniques you need to follow. 

· Sometimes the pictures you are taking may seem to look... continue |

Group Picture Taking At Its Best: Part 1

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 28 Dec, 2010

It is a sure thing that many people who own an electronic camera are most of the time well-versed with regards to picture taking techniques and procedures which produces quality photos in a memorable event. There are times that you yourself are asked for assistance on a group picture taking because people recognize you as techie when it comes to different aspects such as angular, postural, and conventional photography. While doing a picture taking session, of course there are questions... continue |

3 Ways For Having A Lesser Noise Printer

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 26 Dec, 2010

Your printers create noise because they are highly mechanical devices which are used for ink spraying, toner heating, print arms moving, and especially paper feeding, and if you like to break the precious silence, a high-sounded printer is all you need. On the other hand, you need to take time to decrease the noise your printer produces. You have to bear in mind that there are so many ways to maintain noise reduction on your printer.

· ... continue |

Ways To Determine The Best Memory Card

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 25 Dec, 2010

In buying memory cards you need to get the best of them all, especially, when you are to buy a Secure Digital card to use for your electronic cameras for photo storage. You have to consider different quality measures to make sure that you’re getting the product match to what your money worth.

The following are things you need to look on when you are to buy the best memory card to use for your electronic camera, such as; Safer Data,... continue |

Social networking sites, one of thes most accessed sites on the net

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 22 Dec, 2010

Social Networking sites are websites on the internet where you can get in touch with people from all over the world. Nowadays, this is where most people get updates from their friends real life or online. Here are some reasons why social networking sites gain users from almost all countries around the globe:

First, with just one click of the button you can easily share your status, comments and other things that are running through your mind.

Second, you can meet a... continue |

Basic troubleshooting tips

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 20 Dec, 2010

In computer technology, troubleshooting is a term used to repair or fix a certain computer problem / error. This is normally done by a computer technician who has the sufficient knowledge in solving computer related problems. But not all problems needs a computer expert, some problems can be fixed by you to avoid spending some money on a very small problem. Troubleshooting a computer is not a hard process if you are interested in computers. If you want to fix... continue |

Ways To Prolong Battery Life Of Your Notebook

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 19 Dec, 2010

It is given that all notebook users want their units to have a longer power life after charging it. There are many ways to choose in prolonging your notebook’s battery life.

CPU Throttling – Throttling your personal computer may allow users to reduce the speed of the machine processor for battery life conservation with goes along with Central Processing Unit’s built-in software for throttling. Your notebook’s battery life will prolong when you come to throttle your PCs Central Processing Unit, but... continue |

Notebook Cleaning Techniques

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 19 Dec, 2010

In these modern days, after desktop computers, notebooks or laptops are typically used by most people who are into businesses; whether it maybe entrepreneurs or corporate leaders; or simply those internet savvy individuals who are always on to go. You can see that notebooks are widely used in many places, from your homes to cafes, almost everywhere.

Cleaning your notebooks is the very first step to keep your PC running and for additional lifespan. Even if you are just staying home... continue |

Satellite Is The Answer For Your Mobile Connection Needs

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 15 Dec, 2010

Good news to all those who are still longing on a crystal clear connection for their mobile phones because satellite communications is here to stay. With the launching of satellite mobile phone communication system, there’s nothing to worry about bad, blurry, or busted mobile phone connection problems.

Most of the time, Wi-Fi and mobile connections go together for dual-purpose phones. The best thing to know about satellite mobile communications is that its very useful for those people who are living or... continue |

Your Laptop Is A Valuable You Need To Protect

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 15 Dec, 2010

We must admit the fact that our gadgets are prone to wear and tear, theft, and damage which are the risks factors involved. Most of all, I’m certain that you want your laptop be kept from being stolen which is a sure thing. Of course, you still like to protect the data your laptop has because you want to feel secured that your confidential information cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons even on reality your subconscious mind is still thinking... continue |

The Finest Operating System For Your Mobile Phone

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 15 Dec, 2010

If you are thinking of the best operating system for your mobile phone, there could be no better answer than to search for it on Google, right? All of us know that Google is the premiere search engine available on the internet. But did you know that the leader of search engines also has an edge to conquer all fields of multi-media aside from being a source of all information available?

Google started out as the main search engine on the... continue |

Protect Your Electronic Camera In Different Ways

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 14 Dec, 2010

There are many ways for you to protect your electronic camera for various damaging elements and preserve its durability and quality for a longer lifespan.

Here are the ways for you to consider protecting your electronic camera.

  • Photo safeguarding 

We must admit that accidents can happen anytime even if you are meticulously careful. You can be fully secured that your pictures will not be damaged even if your camera gets lost on a long journey. You may consider using a portable external hard... continue |

Artificial Intelligence The rise of Machines The future of robots

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 13 Dec, 2010

A robot is a man made machine that is widely used in manufacturing, transport, surgery, weaponry and even in space exploration. The very first functional operated robot was made in 1961 and was used to lift hot pieces of metal from a machine and stack them. This was the very first then followed by numerous inventions to replace human in some dangerous or dirty jobs. Robots are also used because they are more accurate and reliable compared to humans.  One... continue |

The newest operating system of microsoft, the Windows 7

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 13 Dec, 2010

      Windows 7 is the newest operating system that was developed by Microsoft. But most of us are  not aware that windows 7 is originally planned to be the successor of Windows Xp and Windows 2003 server and it was also codenamed “Blackcomb”. The development of Blackcomb was delayed due to the minor release of “Longhorn” also known as Windows Vista. Longhorn acquired some of the features that were originally built for Blackcomb. Early 2006, the codename Blackcomb was renamed... continue |

China’s iPad imitation, now circling around the world

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 12 Dec, 2010

As most people know, iPad was a product of apple that was released April this year. This device is known to be a computer tablet which you can use to surf, read e-books, listen to music, movies and games as well. The iPad has two versions namely the Wi-fi model and the Wi-fi with 3g, both models comes with the 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB sizes. The iPad is best for people who are always on the go... continue |

The Answer To Small Business And Entrepreneurs: Veriton Z410G From Acer

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 11 Dec, 2010

If it happens to be that you own a small business or an entrepreneurial company, one of the best machines you can use is the new Veriton Z410G from Acer which is a multi-task desktop rolled in to one high-tech gadget. The best thing to know about this tool is that it is affordable and friendly to your budget. Although this machine has lesser aesthetic appearance and features compared to more expensive competitors, this is a well organized gadget with... continue |

Customer’s BlackBerry Data Will Be Gathered In India

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 07 Dec, 2010

Based on The Wall Street Journal report last Sunday, India started talks with companies countrywide to allow access to BlackBerry’s corporate electronic mails when a security agency requires it.

The Indian government earlier requested than the country’s law enforcement agencies should be provided access to communication facilities on its BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) from Research in Motion. The Research in Motion does not possess any back door nor a master key in the system that will give them way or any... continue |

Approaches To Follow When You Are To Buy A Mobile Phone During Holiday Season

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 07 Dec, 2010

This early before the holidays, you can make things easier for you to buy those things you need before people in to shopping hit the markets in full blast. You can plan your shopping now, especially, if you are to buy a mobile phone. If you are to buy the latest phone like smartphone, now is your best time to buy the mobile phone of your dreams before the holiday season. You know why? During these times the cost of... continue |

The advancing industry of apple ipod’s

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 06 Dec, 2010

Apple ipod’s is known to be the top company distributing portable media player devices. The company first launched it’s products October 31, 2001. Apple is also the makers of the famous macbooks, the mac based operating system laptops and desktops. Apple’s product consists of the iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle. The very first release of the iPod products were called the 1st generation iPods. The 1st generation iPods only supports music files and has only... continue |

Precision M6500, A New Promising Laptop Model From Dell

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 06 Dec, 2010

There’s a new promising laptop model from Dell called Precision M6500 which can be compared to the modern desktop alternative laptops. It has several features not available elsewhere like; 17-inch 1920-by-1200-pixel screen, over 1TB of hard-drive storage space, and support for up to four memory DIMM slots (holding up to 32GB of RAM).

The Precision M6500’s top-of-the-line specifications like the 8X DVD rewritable drive, Bluetooth, a 2.0-megapixel Webcam, a built-in fingerprint reader, 1GB of dedicated memory that supports an nVidia Quadro... continue |

Limewire, the most popular p2p program is now closed

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 05 Dec, 2010

Limewire is known to be one of the most popular peer to peer file sharing programs in the world. It was established May 29, 2000. That was a decade ago. This program is not only made for windows but will also work in both linux and Mac OS X as well because of its cross platform capabilities. The program was written in the Java programming language which means that any computer that has java installed can run this program. There... continue |

Longing for a Free iPad

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 01 Dec, 2010

 It’s really hard for one to acquire free iPad nowadays!

For one to get a free giveaway like an iPad, most of the time, you will need to complete up to 8 offers from within 3 to 4 categories. Some of the typical sponsor offers includes commercial ads, service and product offers, credit cards, trials, and some offers you to buy something, while others comes into a free trial package that convert paying obligations if not cancelled or free sign-ups that... continue |

The Brand New NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 At Home

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 30 Nov, 2010

You will be surprised to what this article reveals. There is a new gadget for gaming that can give you more fun and thrill as it shows adrenaline capture, futuristic, fastest, and virtually amazing graphics ever made. Using this new gaming technology you can experience spine-tingling, nerve-wrecking, true-to-life effects on your favorite games mixed with power of CUDA Direct 11 and PhysX technologies from NVIDIA. With this new gaming equipment, you can expand the landscape visions all across 3HD video... continue |

Reasons behind addictive gaming

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 09 Nov, 2010

As we all know, computer games are so addictive these days. Gamers don’t care about how much the game is worth, what is important is that they have the game and they can play it. Do you wonder why modern games are so addictive? Do you know why they can’t resist playing it? Here are some of the reasons why.

Social Interaction – Online games just not allow you to play but also allow you to interact with co-gamers not only... continue |

IPAD: The newest Ipod

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 09 Nov, 2010

            From Ipod touch to Iphone down to Apple’s newest gadget the IPAD, it was released in other countries last June 2010 however it reached the Philippines last September and only quite few stores offers it on sale. During its 2 months of exposure in the Philippines, it was clear that the features of it were enjoyed and loved by people who bought them.

            First among the list of IPAD’s features is its design, it looks like a bigger version... continue |

Computer Addiction or Internet Addictive Disorder: the most fearful disease from computer games

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 27 Sep, 2010

The influx of technology marked the enormous account and benefits to our daily lives. And we are still expecting the far-reaching aftermath or unending innovations for the advancement of technology. As it grows, inseparably the adverse effects follow. Why are the young engrossed with using computers? Surely, the first thing in your mind is computer games. Exactly! The sheer popularity of counter strike, frozen throne, vice city, and other buzz games signifies the curse of children’s future life simply because... continue |

Incapability and Mismanagement: the main causes of unsuccessful IT Projects

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 10 Sep, 2010

           In the age of technology, we evidently see the constant change of lifestyles. Technology has dramatically seeped its way to one’s life as if we can’t revolve without it. Nowadays, we have been enjoying the price of the innovations since technologies were commercialized. In this event, many business-minded people venture upon their projects in relation to information technology, but the at-risk projects may either be successful or failed bankrupt. If not successfully executed, the dismal ending of it leaves... continue |

Cell phone Technology: What has made the diffirence on you?

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 07 Sep, 2010

I was teaching in my writing class when the topic being discussed was about technologies. During the brainstorming, one of my students said and I quote “my cell phone comprises computer technology? Partly I understood what he meant but it took time for me to make sense what really in his mind was. It maybe because of my age, I was a bit out-dated when it comes to cell phone technologies.

Traditionally, we know cell phones are used for calling and... continue |

If it were not for technology, what would be your life like?

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 02 Sep, 2010

           It has been frequently claimed that technologies are downfall of men. It was even believed that men will be destroyed by their own creations. Technologies are culpable of all evils, crimes and accidents. But I can say that these are common ludicrous allegations of these people who really don’t know the truth about technology and nothing to do but to bash it down. I want to make them analyze the most impeccable proofs of the usefulness of technology.

            If... continue |

Punctuation Grammar Checker software: the Most Important Tool for Novice and Professional Writers

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 31 Aug, 2010


          When writing, what makes a novice writer bothered most? Ideas? Style? Mechanics? Language? In fact, apart from these criteria, grammar is the most difficult to sustain in writing? However, due to the most impeccable evidence of the advent of computer technology, writers are no longer worried about the feeing of being corrected of grammatical errors because computer software that checks English grammar has been available of serving as their editor and to perfect their whole piece.

Based on Universal Grammar... continue |

Technology upgrade for police forces of the Philippines

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 29 Aug, 2010

The incident that happened a few days ago about the hostage taking drama at the Quirino grand stand where several chinese people died was a very sad day for our country. A number of Hong Kong and Chinese citizens were killed. This tragedy must be a wake up call for them to upgrade both their weapons and gadgets. Technology can be very helpful in fighting crime here in our country. In other countries, all police cars have computers installed at... continue |

Human Computers Interaction by 2020: Does it need proper assessment and evaluation?

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 27 Aug, 2010

The far-reaching evolution of computers is checkered with excitement and anxiety. There’s no doubt that computer technologies totally emerge to our lives and quickly change our day-to-day activities. It has further foreseen the possible development by 2020. Whatever the consequence adverse or beneficial will inevitably happen.

What worries majority consumers is the negative impact to human values. Though nowadays, we come across advanced interfaces using fingertips to manipulate on-screen devices in lieu of keyboard and mouse, we anticipate the human-computer interaction... continue |

The Birth of Microsoft

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 25 Aug, 2010

Initially, when the first computer was developed, it already claimed the far-reaching development year in and year out. Besides, it has been expected the tremendous competition in the marketplace. Various inventors had been improving the work of computers by adding significant breakthrough to their new discoveries.

When the INTEL came into the scene, it contributed massive innovation of the rapid growing and explosion of computers not only in bank industry but also in homes. It brought out the RAM chip which... continue |

The effect of spending too much time in front of the computer.

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 21 Aug, 2010

           Discoveries and inventions of technologies become more and more advanced and developed rapidly as it is welcomed in the four corner of the world. However, the drawback of it is that humans sometimes underestimate the benefits and eventually abuse its usefulness. For instance, parents regarded computers as the best resource of the education of their children, adversely; they overuse computers for games or chat. The negative effects are very evident, one of which is physiological and the other is... continue |

ATM, vulnerable to hackers

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 02 Aug, 2010

ATM stands for automated teller machine which is a computerized device that is used by bank clients to access their accounts. ATM’s were made to make transaction easier without the help of a bank teller. This allows customers to make cash withdrawals and to check their account balances.  To access the machine, you must use the smart card or chip that contains unique numbers and security information. As a security measure, customers are required to enter their own personal identification... continue |

Computer training-does it really help?

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 08 Jul, 2010
It has been said frequently that computers really evolve and dominate our lives to prove that we are living in the world of technology. However, as I see, I would like to coin the word technology to electronics. Why? They make us! How could we live without them?
I assume you rebut saying this isn't true because not all people use technologies in their lives. But come to think of what kind of life they have. In modern society, we use... continue |

Why do you need to attend computer training?

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 07 Jul, 2010

Now, you embark yourself in the world of commerce and businesses. You are scratching your head! Why? You don’t know how to use the computer well in spite of the fact that we are living in the world of technology. As a matter of fact, computers evolve in workplaces. You are losing your nerve!

In this event, do you need computer training? The answer is absolutely yes. People in the workplace are undoubtedly competitive. Though like you, many in businesses just... continue |

Presidential Inauguration: New Beginning and New Expectations

By: Tesa Mari S. Sabao Posted: 02 Jul, 2010

Special to

The recent Presidential Inauguration was star-studded. Foreign diplomats and world leaders, politicians, celebrities, and other public figures were present, along with the international covering Medias for TV, publishing, as well as internet. Nevertheless no one shines above than the announced President of the Philippines, Noynoy Aquino. Everybody noticed the changed aura of the President, from regular to authoritative as ceremony takes place. He deserves so, having garnered landslide vote from people.

Son of Martial Law Martyr and Mother of... continue |

Are you prepared for the challenges in the workplace with your current skills in Information technology?

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 26 Jun, 2010

Have you ever thought about what would be our life if technology didn’t exist? Would our life be better? Or would it totally change our entire lifestyle? Obviously, the influx of technology in human race caused dramatic changes of the ways people live everyday. It was even foreseen how technology will have become prevalent by the early 2011 in workplaces not only in the United states but also in all over the world. Schools and other institutes prepare young generations... continue |

Phishing: The High- Tech Way of Stealing

By: Tesa Mari S. Sabao Posted: 13 Jun, 2010

Taken from the word, “fishing”, phishing are hackers’ ways of catching passwords and user names for self-interests. The mode of operation is easy and hard to detect. If you’re not careful enough, expect your bank account to be empty. As of the moment, they’ve already stolen massive amount of funds using internet.

What Phishers Do?

Have you received any email from a friend saying you have a picture or video on web? Be careful. Though the message is addressed from a reliable... continue |

The **** Mistakes Most Students Make When Doing School Works

By: Tesa Mari S. Sabao Posted: 10 Jun, 2010

If you’re constantly having trouble doing your school projects and assignments, you might be doing some mistakes you’re not aware of. These mistakes are often committed due to wrong perception and unawareness. Moreover, the boundary between teachers and students make it even harder to work out issues. These issues hinder the cycle of learning, as it continues undetectably.   

This article will give you idea what they are for you to resolve your problem at once.  Here are the **** mistakes... continue |

Philippines 2010 Election Debates: Ups and Downs on the Dawn of Techy Community Era

By: Tesa Mari S. Sabao Posted: 07 Jun, 2010

At last, after restless debates, the long wait for president-elect proclamation will nearly end. Speculations of the “automated cheating” agitated the recent election’s reputation. Arguments of winners against “cheated” candidates still roar media air. These tires up Filipinos, especially voters who dared to endure heat and hunger, hoping to change the current face of politics.

Hearing same old squabbles is irritating, yet our hope for a clean politics may in some way need them, as truth needs unveiling. Checking the errors,... continue |

Poll Survey Vote Here! Who will you Vote for President?

By: Louie Jacinto Posted: 07 May, 2010
Vote Wisely... |

Repairing Registry Errors

By: Louie Jacinto Posted: 22 Jan, 2010
In my previous article I discussed Windows Registry. With different errors and problems with it, I will give you practical on how to clean your registry.

Maybe you are wondering how Windows Registry affects your computer; remember it contains all the hardware, software and other preferences of your computer. As a result, most of your computer activities are connected to the registry.

Have you experienced slow computer start-up and shut down? Do you have any difficulty... continue |

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