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How to become Windows Server 2008 Certified

By: Megan B. Bolivar Posted: 27 May, 2011
Microsoft offers certifications for Windows Server 2008 These are MCTS - Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, MCITP - Microsoft Certified IT Professional - Server Administrator and Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) Enterprise Administrator.

MCTS certification deals with configuring and managing key technologies of Windows Server 2008 while MCITP certification deals with designing the advanced infrastructure of Windows Server 2008 Network.

To become an MCTS you need to pass any of these core exams

  • 70-680: TS: Windows 7, Configuring
  • 70-640: TS: Windows Server 2008 Active... continue |

Where can i take a Microsoft Exam?

By: Megan B. Bolivar Posted: 16 May, 2011
One of the common questions asked by IT professionals is Where to take a Microsoft Certification Exam such as the MCP, MCSE and MCITP etc.

You can take your Microsoft Exam at any Authhorized Prometric Test Centers.

One of the best Authorized Microsoft testing Center is Computer Networking Career and Training Center which is located at Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg Espana Boulevard, corner G Tolentino St Sampaloc Manila.

You will exerience a high level of Customer Service. Our Staff are trained... continue |

How to register for a Microsoft Exam in the Philippines

By: Megan B. Bolivar Posted: 16 Mar, 2011
Registering for a Microsoft certification exam can be done in two ways. You can either do it yourself by registering directly to Prometric website or you can let an Authorized Prometric Test center do it for you.

If you have your own credit card. It is much better if you  will be the one to register for your exam because there will be no additional tax charges if you will pay online for the exam fee.

These are the step by... continue |

Courses On Microsoft - MS OFFICE 2003

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 27 Feb, 2011

Great news for all users of the 2003 version of Microsoft Office!

You can now ENROLL for a course that will provide you an Internet overview, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word skills and knowledge covering the basics up to the advance level of study.

It is good thing to know that what you will be learning from CNCTC, Inc.’s superior training with world-class quality that can help you climb the Information Technology career ladder as well as enrich your knowledge... continue |

Training For Microsoft - Exchange Server 2007

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 27 Feb, 2011

Now, you may ENROLL for a course that will train you to be a success in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 installation, management, security, and troubleshooting, as well as to show skills and knowledge for solutions through messaging within the organization of an enterprise and messaging solutions on designing & deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

It is good thing to know that what you will be learning from CNCTC, Inc.’s superior training with world-class quality that can help you climb the Information... continue |

Regular Track Courses For Microsoft

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 24 Feb, 2011

If you like to enroll for short courses for Microsoft Certification Program, Microsoft Certified System Administrator, and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer then you may choose from the following:

Windows Server 2003 MCSA


Windows Server 2003 Messaging Bootcamp


Windows Server 2003 Security Bootcamp


Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure Implementing & Managing


Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Implementing and Managing


Windows Server 2003 Environment Managing and Maintaining


Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure Maintaining


Microsoft Windows XP Administering, and Configuring


Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Organization Design


Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Designing Security

It is... continue |

Training Course For Microsoft - Windows 2008

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 23 Feb, 2011

Now, you can be certified for Microsoft – Windows 2008 courses where you can be trained to learn the knowledge and skills as Microsoft Certified IT Professional  as well as Server Administrator Certification for Windows Server 2008 three examinations; prepare you to earn the certification as Server Administrator and Microsoft Certified IT Professional; to pass for the examinations and Windows Server 2008 Active Directory server roles and basic functionality; and skills & knowledge for network infrastructure of Windows Server 2008... continue |

Getting the Microsoft Certification. Things to know to become Microsoft Certified

By: Megan B. Bolivar Posted: 21 Oct, 2010
Becoming Microsoft Certified needs dedication and discipline combining this two will undoubtedly make you become one of those IT professionals who excel in their field of specialization.

Before you embark on getting yourself certified. I will give you some things you need to know to become a Certified Microsoft Professional.

Decide what Certification Track you will get

You can choose MCITP: Server Administrator ceifications or MCITP:  Enterprise Administrator certification. You can start by getting the MCITP Server Administrator this certification will develop your... continue |

Commitment plus preparation equal to passing the certification exam

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 11 Aug, 2010

 In the field of Information technology, certification has been the most powerful weapon for the challenge of advancement and growth. There is no doubt that this has been the buzzword that is transferred from mouth to mouth and this makes almost every computer professionals obtain at least one of the certifications. Nevertheless, every applicant must take into consideration of the time, effort and more importantly the cost being dispensed. If you were one of them, you should not underestimate the... continue |

Preparing for the MCSE Certification exam equals passing the exam

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 20 Jun, 2010

Evidently, 8 out of 10 certification aspirants cram before taking the actual MCSE exam. In the end, they fail the exam because they fail to prepare. In the first place, they are overly confident to pass assuring themselves to succeed. It seems that the preparation is too little and sometimes too late. Some examinees just take the test out of their knowledge about the exam simply because they think that they are expert and they know much or they have... continue |

Common Mistake in Choosing IT Certification

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 04 Jun, 2010

What do you think is the buzzword in IT industry? Certification! Yes it is! You can hear about Cisco Certified Network Professional CCNP, Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert CCIE, Cisco Certified Security Professional CCSP and Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA, MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) MCSA (Microsoft Certified System Administrator) MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) and the new MCITP(Microsoft Certified IT Professional /MCTS Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, PMP (Project Management Professional) or CISSP (Certified Information Systems... continue |

An Overview of Microsoft Certification Based on Technical Series

By: Ailene B. Misa Posted: 04 Feb, 2010
Wherever you go you will notice that most computers running with Microsoft products. From desktop or personal to business or corporate use, from the low end user up to high end users. This is possible simply because Microsoft dominates the IT World. Maybe because their software are more convenient to use than others, or shall we say because they are commonly used by most business organization.

The high increase in the production of computers is a clear evident of a high... continue |

MCITP: The Leading Technical Certification from Microsoft

By: Ailene B. Misa Posted: 01 Feb, 2010
Are you an IT graduate? If yes, maybe you are looking for another opportunity of improving your qualification. In my previous article I mentioned the different computer certification available in the market and its importance. I indicated different options for you to choose from.

We all know that most of the computer in any part of the world runs with Microsoft operating system. Even the application programs are also under the same company. This company introduces remarkable technologies that are... continue |

A Quick Look of Computer Certification

By: Ailene B. Misa Posted: 09 Dec, 2009

It is a reality that IT course don't have a board exam. Almost every year there are thousands of students who enrolled and graduated from this course. It is also a fact that this is one of the most in demand job in the market.

You might be wondering how an IT professional is being selected or hired. What can be your edge as an IT professional against others who are also looking for an IT job?

Today, recruitment office... continue |

Advantages of Being Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 26 Nov, 2009

Are you satisfied with your present career in IT Industry? Do you think being up to date with your license doesn't seem vital? if yes, why don't you obtain your Microsoft Certification?

As a Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE), your expanse in the world of commerce and Information Technology industry is obviously wider. We can't deny the fact that the advancement of technology is rapidly skyrocketing. This is one of the reasons why we always want to be on top of the... continue |

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