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Learning Transact – Structured Query Language (T-SQL) with Microsoft SQL 2005 and 2008

By: Cecil Feliciano

Course Duration:  30 HRS

Course Description:

Transact-SQL is central to the use of Microsoft® SQL Server™. All applications that communicate with SQL Server do so by sending Transact-SQL statements to the server, regardless of an application's user interface.

Course Prerequisites:

Has basic knowledge in any database application such MS Access, MySQL, Oracle etc.

Course Outline 

  • Introduction to T-SQL and Data Management System
  • SQL Server Fundamentals
  • SQL Server Tools
  • Introducing the T-SQL Language
  • Data Retrieval
  • SQL Functions
  • Aggregation and Groupings
  • Multi-Table Queries
  • Advanced Queries and Scripting
  • Transactions
  • Advanced Capabilities
  • T-SQL Programming Objects
  • Creating and Managing Database Objects
  • Analyzing and Optimizing Query Performance
  • T-SQL in Applications and Reporting

Network Security and Penetration Testing

By: Cecil Feliciano

Course Duration :  30 Hours

Course Description :

This HANDS-ON training gives you knowledge and skills how a professional penetration testing is conducted and the methodologies behind performing  an attack.  The training starts from the fundamentals of network security, ethics of ethical hacking and legal issues. During the training, it will provide you on how to use and the selection of Hacker tools. It teaches you the fundamentals in system exploitation , footprinting, scanning, enumeration, password attacks, escalation of privilege and documentation requirements. A hands-on experience conducting your own penetration test on actual servers.

Course Delivery :

Instructor-led, Hands-On training

Course Prerequisite:

Basic Linux and Windows commands and file structure

Course Outline:

Chapter I - Fundamentals of Network Security

  • Introduction
  • What is Security?
  • Ethics and Hacking
  • Computer Crime Laws

Chapter II - Penetration testing tools

  • Using BackTrack LiveCD
  • Building Your Own Personal Lab
  • Turn-Key Scenarios

Chapter III - Vulnerability Identification

  • Where Should I Start
  • Target Verification
  • System Identification

Chapter IV - Vulnerability Verification

  • Password Cracking
  • SQL Injection
  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • Web Hacking

Chapter V - Compromising a System

  • Penetrating
  • Privilege Escalation
  • Covering Your Tracks
  • Countermeasures

Chapter VI - Hands-On Experience Conducting...

ASP.Net using C# Programming - KB0158

By: Cecil Feliciano
Course Duration: 30hrs

Why get this Course?:

This course will give you an understanding of Active Server Pages .Net programming using C#. You will be able to design and implement web services through manipulation and creation of web based database. You will be able to create an interactive website that accepts end user interaction such as Deleting, Inserting and querying data and lots more.

Course Prerequisite:
Basic knowledge in Web Development and Client side scripting (JavaScript)

Course Outline:

  • Getting started

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