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AIO printers

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 29 Mar, 2012 21:24:54

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What are AIO printers? AIO printers or all in one printer is a printer combined with scanner, fax and copier. These kinds of printers are not just used in offices but also at home. As the term implies, almost everything you need is already in this device and not to mention the amount of space you can save by using this device.  AIO printers may be a bit expensive compared to a regular printer because of its added functionalities but if you’re going to ask me, it’s worth it especially if you’re workspace is a bit small to handle the printer, scanner, fax and copier one by one.

AIO printers are also called MFP or multifunctional printers which were introduced a few years back. Some AIO printers have extra features like CD/DVD label printing which most printers don’t. Some also has the ability to scan or copy several documents unattended. You just need to place the documents on the tray and it will automatically scan or copy it on its own. Most of you might not also be aware that some AIO printers have the ability to save documents and also to print pictures directly from a flash disk.

For its network features, most newly released AIO printers already has the ability to connect to your computers, wirelessly which means that you don’t need LAN cables anymore for it to connect to your router or to serve as a network router. You just need to join it to your wireless router and your good to go. It also supports data encryption for better security. You can even add this device to your AD or active directory for added security. One feature that may not be available for most printers is the ability to be controlled remotely. This feature may be used so that you can print a document wherever you are directly to your home.

The said device might be full of good features which may be really helpful but it also has a disadvantage. If you need to use the scanner, printer, copier and fax at the same time, this device might not be good for you. The said device could only accommodate a single feature at a time. You cannot use it all at the same time.

If you’re going to ask me if this devices are good, my answer is yes but again, if you need to use several features at once,  this would not suite you.

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