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The importance of internship to IT students

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 05 Jun, 2015 13:21:02

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Internship or commonly known as OJT (on the job training) is a requirement for college where in you need to spend a specific number of hours in a company to somehow experience the real world even before graduation. The number of hours will depend on the requirement of the school but usually, it will range around 200 - 500 hours. In this article, I will be explaining why it is important to have a good company for your internship.

Usually, the students will be the one to choose the company where they want to apply as an intern but the school can also suggest where but it would still be the decision of the student. Applying as an intern is also like applying for an actual job because you would also undergo interviews or even tests depending on the company that you will be applying for. In order to be ready for the real world, below would be some tips in choosing a company for internship.

Multinational Company - Applying as an intern for a multinational company might not be easy due to the number of applicants that are also aiming for the position. Working in a multinational company is a good... start for you because you'll learn to strictly obey the policies given. Multinational companies are strict when it comes to policies and that is why discipline would be a big factor. It is also feels good for you to experience the real corporate world.

Specialization - Apply in a company where you can practice the type of specialization that you want. For example, you are into networking, it would be better to be exposed to a company that allows you to learn more about network peripherals. If you are into programming, you can apply as an intern for software companies so that you could also practice and learn at the same time.

Job description - It would be important for you to know what tasks would be assigned to you. Never ever apply to those companies that will just ask you to make coffee or scan documents. Always remember that you are an IT student and not an office helper. When I was applying for an internship before, I even saw a company that needs an intern that knows how to drive in order to claim some payments from their clients. My point is, practice what you have learned in school and don't allow companies to just use you with tasks that are not related to your course.

There are companies that offer internship with allowances and that is good but do not just think about the money but think about the experience that you'll be gaining from them. Lastly, before applying in a company as an intern, it would be best to at least research about the company first so that you will know about their products, services and if their internship program is good enough for you.

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