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Tips for incoming IT students

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 15 Jun, 2015 20:14:45

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It is again the time of the year where fresh high school graduates needs to enter college to study the field that they want to pursue. It is the time where they need to start being independent because now, the decision is on their hands and it is up to them whether to choose the bad or the good decision.

As we all know, one of the most in demand courses in the world is related to computers specifically IT. In this article, I would be giving out some tips for incoming IT students on how to cope up with the school's curriculum in order to stay competent.

Studying in advance - It would be a big advantage for you to study in advance in order to be always prepared on the lessons that the professors will discuss. This way, the professor will see your determination and will to learn.

Know your priorities - Incoming freshmen students must know their priorities. They entered college to study and to finish a degree. They must have the focus on studying and not on activities that are not school related.

Know where you excel - Maximize your potential, if you are good in programming then pursue... programming. If you are good in network peripherals and hardware, continue to develop your skill on that aspect. This way, as early as your first year, you will already have something that you do specialize. This would also be a big factor for you to land a job after you graduate.

Be updated on the trend - As we all know, technology updates every now and then and it would also be an advantage to know the current trends. As IT students, researching never stops and it would also help you to be competent and to be able to cope up with the demands of the market.

Time management - Managing your time is important. Students likes cramming but as we all know, it is not a good habit and must be avoided. Always follow the deadline given or better, pass the requirements before the deadline.

Again, college is the time where students need to develop being independent and it is also the time where they need to start acting like a professional because a few years from now, they will already be one. College is not easy but as long as you enjoy and you do love what you do, there would not be any problem.

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