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Evernote, the best companion for work and school

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 15 Aug, 2015 17:54:27

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At work and at school, we are all aware that taking down notes is always an issue due to the fact that we always misplace a sheet of power that we use. Using a notepad on your computer might be the solution but still, you can't access your notes when you are outside which forces you to go home and access it. For those who are using their gadgets to take down notes and reminders, it would also be possible but again, transferring it to your computer might also need a couple of steps to accomplish.

In this article, I will be discussing about a program that might really be helpful both for students and professionals which is called Evernote.

Some of you might have heard about it but was not able to use it or even test it. Evernote is a very good program when it comes to taking down notes, setting reminders or even sharing ideas with other people. Evernote is not your typical notepad that could just save the items that you have typed. One of the best features of this program that I really love most is that it could be synced to your computers, mobile devices... or even to your tablets which allows you to see and update your notes wherever and whatever device you are using.

Personally, I have been using sticky notes for the previous years and was contented with it but I actually need to copy and send everything to my email so that I could still access it wherever I go which is actually a bit hassle to do. It's been a couple of months already that I am using Evernote and I can really say that it helps me a lot.

It would really be very helpful especially to students due to the fact that they need to take down notes that the professors are saying and with the help of this program, you could directly sync it and access it at home.

Evernote has several versions to download which include some that needs to be purchased but of course, there is a free version that you could use. In order for Evernote to function, of course you need to install it to your device and you also need an internet connection at home but if you are using a mobile phone, a data connection might be needed if WIFI is not available.

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