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Monitoring Your Employees the Easy Way

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 21 Mar, 2016 20:56:33

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Monitoring your employees it not an easy task to do especially if you have lots of them. An IT team might be there to monitor them but the problem is, employees could easily sneak in and out to try to bypass the blockers and everything.

An IT team might be available at your office 24/7 but they could not be able to monitor them one by one especially if they are busy doing something. In this article, I will be sharing about a program that you could possibly use which could help you monitoring your employees 24/7.

I have tried several programs but this would be one of the top when it comes to monitoring employees. The program is called, Activtrak.

Activtrak is actually a program that could monitor the things that the employees are doing on their computer regardless if they are using a proxy or even a VPN. It is capable of taking screenshots of a desktop when it detects that a specific site or program is listed on the alarm list. When an alarm is triggered, it could do things depending on your choice. You can automatically close the program that the employee is opening or you could inform them... thru a pop up that the said site / program is restricted. Another thing that it could do is to send emails when an alarm is triggered. It is very convenient and you do not need to manually check it one by one if a certain user is trying to access a restricted site.

Some of you might already be asking if it is free or not. For the record, Activtrak is free for a maximum of 3 computers / users and you could only save 3GB of storage. If you are interested and would want to use it on more than 3 computers / users, I would recommend buying it.

Below are the main functions of Activtrak:

Screenshots - The program is capable of generating screenshots when it detects that an alarm criteria was triggered.

Automatic Program Termination - It is possible to automatically terminate a program specified on the alarm. This is a feature that would be very helpful especially for companies that does not want users to browse certain sites.

Reports - The program is capable of generating reports based on the data that the system have gathered.

Email Notification - This is one of the best feature this program has. Once an alarm is triggered, it could automatically send an email to inform / notify you that a specific alarm was triggered.

I would recommend this program to companies because it does not just contain many functions but it is not only easy to use but it is also a program that consumes minimal effect on the performance of your computer. For the pricing, it could be seen on their website.

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