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Major Update For Windows 10

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 21 Mar, 2016 21:41:44

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A few months ago, Microsoft released their latest operating system which is the Windows 10. As we all know, all their products undergo beta testing but it does not mean that it is already error free. As a windows 10 user, I also experienced some bugs that were present on their first release.

I remember years back that Vista was introduced on the market but it was discontinued and was tagged by users as a failed product. Vista contained severe bugs that even the markers of the product discontinued support.

The debut of Windows 10 was a thumbs up but many have not yet upgraded their systems because according to them, there is a big possibility that it still contains bugs. They were actually right but I was firm on my stand that I will immediately upgrade my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 once it is already available.

After weeks of waiting after the global release, it finally notified me for upgrade and right after that, I tried navigating it and noticed that after the upgrade to Windows 10, my computer's response is slower than usual. After a while, I noticed that the problem is slowly getting back and it even affected my... RAM. It really resulted to a very slow performance for my computer.

I have searched the Internet and found out that many users are already complaining because of this performance issue. Everyone was waiting for Microsoft to release its major update to fix the bugs and the said problems for their newest OS.

After waiting for a few months, they have finally release their latest update which fixed most of the bugs that it contains. The performance has really improved and have really felt the difference. I am pretty sure that some of you might still be experiencing the same problem and I would advise you to try to update your Windows and see if it would fix the existing problems.

I have been using Windows from the start and I can say that for me, this is a good release by Microsoft. It would be impossible to say that a certain program does not contain bugs because a perfect program does not exist. You will always need to update it every now and then to adapt to the changes of the modern world.

If I will rate it, I would give this a thumbs up. It may not be perfect but if you will compare it to its predecessors, you would see and feel the difference when it comes to its performance.

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