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Importance of Equipment for the IT Department

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 29 Mar, 2016 20:53:37

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As an IT professional, it would be your responsibility to maintain all computer related equipment inside your office. It might sound like a pretty easy job but believe me or not, being part of an IT department plays a very critical role in an organization..

Working in an IT department would need good analytical and problem solving skills. It would also require someone who could work in a fast pace environment especially for those companies that rely on computers for their business.

As we all know, skills would be very important but in emergency situations for the IT department, skills would not be enough without the proper equipment.

Working with the I.T infrastructure team might be fun and challenging but again, this kind of job is very critical. A minute of downtime might already have a big effect for the company.

In this article, I would be listing down some of the most important equipment that the IT department must have for them to react well in every situation. Troubleshooting might be able to do the job but in some cases where time is a factor, replacing a defective equipment might be more efficient.

Network Peripherals - One of the most important things to have......... in your department is to have spare switches, routers and cables. As I have said, troubleshooting will always be effective but at some cases, swapping it directly might be faster and more efficient. Just imagine, a network switch suddenly stopped working and your company is relying on that switch for them to be connected to the internet. Troubleshooting will always be the first step but in critical situations where you think that it would take some time to troubleshoot, swapping it with a new one would be wiser.

Spare Components - Spare desktop components would always be important since not all computer related components shows signs of failing. Having several stocks of power supplies, mouse, keyboards, memory and video cards would be necessary.

UPS - Having a backup UPS would not just help you but it could save you. UPS gives you extra minutes to finish your work and save it. There is a possibility that windows could recover it but always bear in mind that there is also a big chance that they cannot and that is why the extra minutes would be a very big help..

Always bear in mind that the IT department would be useless without proper equipment. This is something that I really want to stress out since I noticed that some companies would be hiring IT professionals but will not be giving out the proper tools that they need. Again, skills would always need proper equipment for them to function well.

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