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When to format and Why you need to format a computer

by: Megan B. Bolivar | 08 Aug, 2010 07:06:19

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Formatting your computer will totally wipe out all your data and programs installed. so before youe decide to format your computer you need to weighin the benefits of formatting or not formatting your hard drive.

Here are the reasons why people format their hard drive.

1. Computer Virus Infection

People will format their computer if their computer is infected with a virus because formatting their drive will definitely remove viruses from their computer at the same time it will also remove all  data and software installed in it.

While it is true that formatting a hard drive is a sure fix in removing a virus in your computer. you have to explore other possible ways of removing the virus because as i have said it will also delete all your files and programs  You can read this How to clean a virus infected computer! - level 2 first before you format your drive.

2. Computer always crash or hang up or the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) wil appear in your computer monitor

These computer problems are absolutely annoying and frustratiing to computer owners and to computer technicians as well because there is no single single cure for this problem. These eerrors can be cause by one or the other computer components or parts it could be caused by either software or hardware components  of your PC.

Formatting your computer may sometimes fix this computer errors. but before you format your drive you should try to test and find if there is a computer hardware failure begin by testing your memory and your video cards and other peripherals installed in your PC sometimes one of the parts that i have mentioned may fix the problem but if you runout of luck and the errors is still there go ahead backup your files and initiate the format procedure

3. Cleaning and Clearing up a computer and regain the hard disk space and computer speed

If  you have been using your computer for a long time and have installed alot of software inside and decides tp uninstall all software but you can not cleanly uninstall these programs and then you manually uninstall it.

But despite all the necessary cleaning and clearing procedures that you have done to your computer you still can not get that disk space in your hard drive that you believe you can still use. then backup your files and launch the format program

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