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10 Effective Ways to Generate more Traffic to your Blog

by: Kenneth Tello | 22 Dec, 2010 02:35:27

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Different people blog for different purpose: journal, news and business. Add on to that, blogs are categorized into niches or the topic blog is all about. Since 2007, there are more than 100 million indexed blogs in the internet. Sadly, 90% of these blogs are unread or unvisited.

Now if you’re decided to have your blog, you need to remember the most important thing: “a blog with no visitor is dead”. Whether you are writing a dairy of your daily activities, share your expertise online or create your online portfolio for possible careers online, you need to have what we called “blog traffic” so that your blog will rank high. This is also your proof that more and more people read your posts, but more importantly a successful blogger. In this article, I will be teaching you tips on how to drive more visitors and potential readers or customers into your blog.

  1. Write Remarkable Content – “content is king”, this is the rule of the thumb for every blogger. Apart from related to your blog niche, write content that will amuse, educate, inspire, motivate, or gives a direct solution to your readers problem. If you blog about your product, write content that best describes your product (without lying of course), if you blog about a dairy of yourself, make it more interesting through sharing stories. You may also leave some questions at the end of each post allowing readers to leave comments in response to the question or reaction to your content.
  1. Keep it Short and Simple – also when writing blog post, always remember the KISS motto: Keep it Short and Simple. Based on surveys, Web surfers (potential readers and customers) tend to get overwhelmed with blog posts that are very long thus leaving away your blog (and never come back). Keep your blog posts around 500 words.
  1. Keep you Blog Updated – a blog with no updates is also considered dead. Also search engines like Google might remove your blog in their index if it is inactive for a long time. In addition, the more posts you have, the more content you readers will read. Update at least twice or three times a week is ideal.
  1. Submit Blog to top blog feed and blog directory sites– there are numerous blog directories like and technorati allowing bloggers to add their blog and generate more traffic.
  1. Convince your readers to subscribe to your blog posts – aside from your high quality and interesting blog posts; you can also have additional “gimmicks” on your blog attracting readers to subscribe to your blog like offering a free e-book or audio book about blogging, newsletter, whitepaper etc.
  1. Comment Back – always remember that you are not alone in the blogosphere. In fact there are million other blogs generating more visitors than your blog. You can leave relevant comments on other blogs together with your link. Also if someone leaves comment on your blog post, always answer their comments. Readers most likely return to your blog knowing that your blog is very interactive.
  1. Be Active in the Blogosphere – this is one of the most important tasks for bloggers: to be active and get involved in the blogosphere. Read other’s blogs, leave relevant comments, join discussions etc.
  1. Promote your blog on social networking sites – If you created a blog post, don’t hesitate to announce it on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Your friends will know about your post, read it, and if they like it, they will eventually share the post on their networks.
  1. Purchase your own domain – potential readers and customers trust blog having their own domain rather than blogs hosted on free platforms like and For beginners, you may look for cheap webhosting services with limited features. Upgrade them later once your blog is already stable.
  1. Submit Blog on different search engines – lastly, and the most important task; submit your blog link to different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and more. Most web surfers use search engines to find what they want to search.

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