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13 Common Questions to Prepare for Job Interview (Part 3)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 25 Jan, 2011 11:46:14

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8. How do you handle pressure at work? As, I’ve said earlier it’s better to stay honest as much as possible. You can answer this question by telling about the most stressful moment at work you’ve encountered where you managed to still do your job and meet your boss’s expectation or much more surpassed it. It is understandable that each one of us has different stress coping mechanism. Nevertheless, what should come through your answer are your professionalism, initiative, perseverance, patience, especially your love and dedication for your job.

9. What kind of people at work that you like and not like? This question is asked to assess how you socialize with people at work. This is important for them to know how you play your cards in an organization. Moreover, it is also an evaluation of your traits and character letting them have an open look at how you’d react with people with different traits. Remember, a company is composed of several teams working together where every element has its own important function. And if one element fails to do its job, the connecting element’s function may be affected. Considering these facts, you should answer the question by describing what kind of people you become more effective at work and what kind of people disturbs you in some way. In addition, describe also how you cope with people you don’t like. Always stress out that no matter comes your way, you’ll do your job effectively and professionally.  As long as you can assert that you have passion for the job, you’ll gain their favor naturally.

10. How do you react to criticism? Many times in your career, you’ll meet people who’d say you’re not good enough for your job. How would you react if you’d encounter this situation? Are you going to take what they say personally? Would you be discouraged and quit the job? Are you going to take revenge and ruin the credibility of the person or are you going to check yourself if he or she may have a point? You don’t need much intelligence to know the right answer. When someone says you’re doing your job the wrong way, it is always advisable to stay objective and assess the purpose of the person. If he or she doesn’t mean any harm, even if it hurts you, evaluate the truthfulness of what he or she says. Oftentimes, we don’t see our mistakes at work while others see it crystal clear. So, if someone criticizes you or your work, take it positively. More than flattering praises, criticisms can improve you into a better person. Next>>

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