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15 Ways to Get Promoted at Work (Part 1)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 27 Jan, 2011 19:31:50

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Getting promoted at work is considered as the most rewarding stage in every career. It is a turning point that level ups your benefits, influence, as well as your integrity. These perks are the reason why almost everyone aims to get promoted. However, only few make this dream into reality. Here are the ways they’ve made to get promoted at work:

1. Choose the company you’ll work for. Many just apply to companies they don’t know. Still, they expect good results for their career. In the end, they don’t get what they expect and end up **** with their jobs. Take note, you wouldn’t find career satisfaction just anywhere. Thus, find the best company where you can work with your expected benefit, work function, and environment. Don’t just jump into an offer hearing only how big the salary is. Oftentimes, offers that are “too good to be true” aren’t true. You may have to take a lot of effort and wait long to get the job you want in a good company. Nevertheless, no matter how rough the road is, you’ll have a direct path to your dream career.

2. Learn the art of good communication. No matter how good you are at work if you can’t communicate well with your co-workers and your boss, you wouldn’t gain favor in getting a promotion at work. Oftentimes, the skill of rendering a good communication is neglected. You’ll only notice its importance at times when you have to work with a team and exchange ideas to solve a problem. Good communication is important in delivering your ideas and suggestions. Moreover, getting along with co-workers at work through good communication is also a factor to consider if you’ll achieve promotion.

3. Become organized at work. When was the last time you have arranged your work desk? Have you set a work schedule on what to prioritize today? Being organized will make you more efficient at work. Because you can set priorities, you can manage well your time and effort in your job. Thus, you solve problems faster and better. In addition, an organized approach in working with all things at work lessens stress and frustration, which unloads unnecessary pressure. So, if you haven’t cleaned your desk lately, start cleaning it now. Next>>>

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