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15 Ways to Get Promoted at Work (Part 2)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 27 Jan, 2011 19:29:53

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4. Don’t be late and never absent. This is the number 1 rule for employers. To qualify for a promotion, it is always required to have almost zero tardiness. So, even if you’re the most efficient employee, you wouldn’t achieve anything if you’re always late and frequently absent. Being tardy at work is a sign that you’re not concerned with your job. Who employer would promote an employee that is not concerned with the job anyway? Hence, think of ways on how you can go to work early. Consider to relocate near your workplace if you have no fast reliable means of transportation. Take care of your health well so you can avoid being absent. 

5. Learn to share your knowledge and expertise to others. It’s okay to become competitive. But, you should know that keeping your knowledge to yourself is not a good move to level up your career. Teaching others with what you know in your industry is a way of working out your brain. Everytime you share your knowledge, you experience the complete cycle of learning. When you share your skills, others use it to acquire an output or result. The output or result will enable you to assess the effectiveness of your input. From there you gain a feedback on what is lacking and what could still be improved, leading you to another input or gained knowledge. Therefore, when you teach others you’re opening yourself to greater knowledge.

6. Never stop learning new things. The world is evolving and so is the industry that you’re into. If you want to get promoted and level up your career, you also have to level up what you know and what you can do. Thus, always keep up with what’s latest in your industry. If you have to go to school again, then do so. Attend to trainings, seminars, and conferences often. Some companies shoulder the expenses for training their employees. Yet, you may have to attend unsponsored trainings, which may be expensive. Nevertheless, they’re good investment for your career that is worth every penny. Knowing the latest technology and methods will give you more capabilities for your job, qualifying you to climb up the authority ladder on your career. Next>>>

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