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15 Ways to Get Promoted at Work (Part 3)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 27 Jan, 2011 19:25:00

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7. Do your work efficiently. As they say, “the results say it all”. If you want to look good to qualify for a promotion, then make your output look good. At the end of the day, your output is the heaviest basis of your effectiveness at work. Hence, do your best in doing your work. Always strive for the best result in everything you do for your employer. There are people who just go to work and pretend to work while waiting for the clock. Don’t become like these people if you want to don’t want to end up staying on same job position forever.  

8. Challenge yourself to do better today than yesterday. You may be good, but why is it that your boss doesn’t notice your hard work. The reason may be you’re not developing. Oftentimes, employers refer to your performance’s development curve. If you’re taking action in developing your capabilities and output, then you do not deserve to get a promotion. Getting promoted gives you additional responsibilities. If you cannot improve your work now, then it is expected that you won’t improve either with your additional work. Thus, challenge yourself to become better in every aspect of your work. If you need to create your own assessment of your work, then do so. Make a development curve of your work per day or per week. Consider the timeliness and quality of your output as your basis. Your boss would surely be delighted if you’re constantly evolving and you won’t have to wait long to have the promotion that you want.

9. Claim responsibility and take initiative. If you really want promotion, then claim it. Make your move in showing your boss that you’re ready for new responsibility by claiming your present realm of work. Master every aspect of your work as well as its connected relation to other functions. If you have done your job for today and still have spare time, help in finishing other connected chores, but never become a hindrance to your co-workers. Moreover, take initiative. If you know you have to finish a certain task even without your boss’s instruction, take action. Just make sure you wouldn’t make a mess or overlap duty. If you must, ask your co-workers and your boss. Next>>>

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