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15 Ways to Get Promoted at Work (Part 4)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 27 Jan, 2011 19:22:06

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10. Compare only yourself to what you can do best. Do you know why many people don’t get promoted even if they have what it takes? It is because they are not giving what they can do best. They are comparing what they can do to people who can’t do it better. If you want to level yourself up in your career, don’t just settle for the least. Take courage and keep yourself out from the safe zone. Be hungry for excellence. Have the habit of beating your own record to become your best in your career. Remember, you won’t have to compete with anybody else in the world. You only have to beat what you can do and go beyond your limits. If you’ll take these thoughts to your heart and mind, you’ll achieve more than what you expect.

11. When you’ve committed a mistake, admit it and learn from it. We all commit mistake that’s for sure. Thus, you won’t have to cover up yourself everytime you commit an error. Covering up the mess won’t solve the problem. Once you learn this bad habit, you’ll only worsen the situation and your career will surely suffer. If you’ve done a mistake, admit it. Talk to your boss and the people concerned. Tell them the truth how you’ve done wrong. They’ll appreciate your honesty. Don’t worry, because they’ll be willing to understand and help you to avoid committing same mistake again. Of course, you may earn a punishment. But look at the brighter side of it. The punishment will remind you never to do same mistake again in your job. In addition, being courageous in doing it will earn admiration and trust of your employer.

12. Use criticisms to your own advantage. No one escapes criticisms. At some point in your career, you’ll receive different kinds of criticisms. Some may even be too big to digest on your system. Nevertheless, they won’t do any harm unless you allow. On the other hand, you can even use it on your own advantage. When someone criticizes you or your work, clear your mind from anger and negative thoughts. Instead, take notice on its purpose. If it wasn’t meant to hurt you, assess if the criticism may have a shade of truth. Don’t take this personally. Think of it as a chance to improve yourself for your career. Remember that you have to listen also to people around you. If the criticisms have a point, take action in changing what’s negative on you. People will love you for being open to development for better work atmosphere, especially your boss. This positive attitude is definitely a huge plus for your “upcoming promotion”. Next>>>

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thank you for the tips. i have learned more .

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