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15 Ways to Get Promoted at Work (Part 5)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 27 Jan, 2011 19:19:27

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13. Cooperate with co-workers. You may be competing with your co-workers for your most sought promotion. Nevertheless, the goodness of company should come first. What would happen to your work if everyone in your team is competing seriously with one another? Probably, you wouldn’t finish decently even a single task. Thus, if you want to set forth your promotion, set the whole team’s function as your priority. Just keep a friendly competition, because it’s good for your career. But never get in the line the benefit of the company. Remember, they’re the one who feeds you. It would also help if you’d create friendship with your co-workers to strengthen your team more.

14. Reward yourself for every achievement you attain. What the point of working hard if you won’t get any from it? Going to work every day and subjecting yourself to stress and pressure is tiring. If you’re not giving yourself a break, you’d definitely burn out. Hence, give yourself the reward you deserve. It wouldn’t have to become so grandiose. It can be simple as a cup of ice cream, a coffee break at Startbucks, or just a walk in the park. Anything that can put a beaming smile back in your face is enough to recharge your spirit for another day of hard work.

15. Have passion for your work. Among the listed herein, this is the most important to instill in your mind. No matter how you strive hard if you don’t like what you’re doing, you’d end up discontented. If you love your work, you wouldn’t have to push yourself to go to work every day. You may not notice it. But the emotional implications of hating what you do every day will eventually clog your system. Never let this happen on you. No matter how big your salary is, or no matter how much people look up on you because of your work, don’t accept a job that you have no passion with. Loving your work will give you an out flowing energy to do your work.

It takes effort, right attitude, perseverance, and love for work to get promoted. It’s not enough to want it. You have to become courageous in achieving it. You may fail sometimes in leveling up your career. But if you’re patient enough to wait and work hard, you’ll absolutely gain what you deserve. Just always do your best and never stop dreaming.

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