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18 Facts Work at Home Employees Should Know (Part 2)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 28 Feb, 2011 23:51:14

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4. Home is the most stressing place to work at. You’re definitely wrong if you think home is the most relaxing place to work at. Unexpected visits, chitchats, cluttering house chores, noisy neighborhood, playing children… these are the things you should expect and prepare for if you decide to work from home. I’ve experienced these things personally. And honestly, I still combat these distractions every day. This is understandable considering home is the place for everyone in family. Believe me, you’d only loss your mind if you’d try to eliminate these distractions- almost got my way there =). Instead of yelling at people and posting mad signs, learn to adopt working with house distractions. If you don’t have a quiet space to work at, prefer to work when it’s quiet. You can start working when everyone is sleeping. This way you’d have a serene atmosphere for your work.

5. You shouldn’t work when you emotionally can’t. Work only if you can set aside your worries. If you are emotionally disturbed, there’s no way you can have a tranquil mind for work. You’d only destroy your job if you’ll insist. So as much as possible avoid hearing problems or sad talks when you’re about to work. Now if you can use your negative energy to work better, then go. Just check yourself once you notice you’re being destructive instead of productive. You’re your immediate boss. No one will evaluate your state other than yourself, so be aware of your capacity.

6. Your career lies on fast and reliable internet and good computer. Just this week, I’ve lost a prospect client just because the internet went out for 30 minutes. I have fast and reliable internet but because of a moment of weakness, I’ve lost five hundred dollars. Until now, I’m still ****. This is just an example how important is the quality of internet and computer you’ll use. If you’re planning to work online, secure first a reliable internet. Upgrade also your computer for higher memory and speed. It will save you from future headaches in the near future.  You may not see its importance now, but if you’ll neglect these preparations, expect to fail your interview via Skype- ouch, I’m so guilty. Next>>>

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