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18 Facts Work at Home Employees Should Know (Part 3)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 28 Feb, 2011 23:49:17

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7. You’d start failing to meet deadlines once you welcome in your mind the thought, “There is still tomorrow”. It’s easy to fall to this common work-at-home pitfall. As a matter of fact, I’m so guilty to this- take note, I’m guilty AGAIN. Hence, don’t ever welcome the thinking that there is much time to finish your work. Like what others say, “Don’t do tomorrow the things that you can do today”. Instead of welcoming unhealthy career thoughts, develop the habit of challenging yourself. Beat your current speed in accomplishing tasks at hand. This way you’d become better and faster. You’ll also have spare time to do other things that you want for career and fun.

8. The key to your career advancement is the persistent drive for learning new things. If you want something to achieve in your field, chase it. Learn and discover things that may help you achieve success in your career. If you want to become excellent, then do things that are excellent. There are always new knowledge discovered and your field would surely conform to it. Hence, learn to go with the learning flow. Evolve with the industry you are in by keeping yourself updated.

9. You are what you think. As I’ve said, you’re your immediate boss. Therefore, everything that you think you can achieve is achievable and everything that you think you’d fail having is impossible. Your emotional state will definitely affect you, considering you have no nearby boss or co-worker to share your thoughts and support you. Thus, stand for your own welfare. Be brave in hoping for the best and conquering your dreams.

10. Washing dishes is working. If you can’t fight the guilt of not helping your family with the chores, then give in. Start by volunteering to wash the dishes. You’d feel more comfortable to do your work if you’re eliminating things that worry you. Don’t worry if you’re on a tight deadline. A little chore will give you some time to exhaust excessive stress, recharging your mind for another session of work. Moreover, you could use of this time to think about the details of your work. Not facing your computer doesn’t mean you’re not working. Think of how to solve problems on your work and details on what to do while you are washing the dishes. Next>>>

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