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18 Facts Work at Home Employees Should Know (Part 4)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 28 Feb, 2011 23:46:53

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11. Off’s aren’t when you’re not on your working desk, it’s when you aren’t thinking of anything about work. As I’ve stated earlier, “Not facing your computer doesn’t mean you’re not working”. So if you’re tired, stop thinking anything about work. No matter how you like your job and how good you are, you’d still need time to bring back your energy. If there are children in your area, play with them. They’re most likely the ones who wouldn’t understand your sudden work outbursts. There’s no use sharing them and telling them your work problem. So most probably, you wouldn’t have a choice but to join their fun play. If you want somewhere quiet, go to a nearby beach- without your computer or cellphone. Let go of things at work and stuffs that will initiate your worries. You’d only waste time thinking on what to prioritize- your work or your relaxation, adding more harmful pressure on your mental health. Here’s a simple rule: DON’T THINK OF WORK WHEN YOU’RE ON BREAK AND DON’T THINK OF RELAXATION WHEN YOU’RE AT WORK.

12. There’s no such thing like “pay to gain experience”. There are a lot of online criminals on internet and some of them or “should I say” most of them use the need of people to earn money as a catch. So, don’t instantly believe that he or she will give you a job without checking your classifications first. Expect they’ll ask something in exchange of an “easy and high paying job”. Have in mind, you’re looking for a job to earn money and not pay someone to have it. Employers are the ones who should pay, not YOU.

13. Delegating house chores is the most important part of the job. If you want to lessen stress, solve your worries before it arises. Talk to your family about your job and your need to lessen stress for a better work. Explain them your current situation and how your worries at home affect your work. I’m not telling you to give them all the house responsibility, because it’s not ideal and will only worsen your stressful situation. Coordinate with your family and delegate tasks. This way you’d lessen stress at home eliminating the guilt you feel. You’d also have better family bond, giving you boosting inspiration for your work. Next>>>

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