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18 Facts Work at Home Employees Should Know (Part 5)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 28 Feb, 2011 23:44:33

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14. If you want to make the most of your income, choose your bank. Nobody wants to waste something that is personally hard-earned. Thus, somehow you should know a little bit of accounting. This is for you to have a clear idea how much interest and fees are taken from your online financial and bank accounts, enabling you to see the most appropriate bank and financial institution for you and your needs. There are a lot of specialized offers available in banking, which conforms to specific needs of clients. Study these offers and choose the one that will give you the best out of your income.

15. Your Facebook wall post can ruin your career. Have you posted something nasty or degrading to you and to other people on Facebook? If so, then start worrying. Possible clients or employers may be conducting a background check on you. Considering almost everyone has Facebook account, they’ll likely consider using Facebook to know if you fit the job. Do you think they’d still consider you if they read your bad posts? Hence, avoid degrading posts. If you’re angry at someone, have a private way of exhausting your feelings.

16. Not all employers are really employers. Don’t be ****ed by people who buy your work in pennies and sell them in high rates. Unfortunately, there are people who make use of others to gain without an effort. Hence, always ask the application or the end-use of your work. Know the credibility of people you are transacting with. Don’t instantly sell your intellectual property, especially if you don’t know its market price.

17. It takes knowledge on networking to gain constant income. If you want to keep on with the competition even on tough times, learn the art of networking. Keep in touch with people you meet in your industry and develop a good relationship with them. Be a reliable friend in case someone needs you. Put importance in satisfying your bosses and clients. This way you’ll gain a reliable network for your career. You can use networking in looking for good clients and projects. It is also important to find a good team in case you need them in the future.

18. Don’t ever email your boss when you’re angry. If you don’t want to lose your touch with your career and income, don’t email someone when you’re angry. You may have appointed in being angry. Feelings are incontrollable, but not your actions. Blur out your anger by making a draft email. Say all what you want to say, but don’t send it. Read it after a day of clear thinking. You’d make a good laugh out of it when the tension disappears.

Working from home is so much different to traditional employment. Contrary to what others say, it’s not so much of a good thing. Like traditional employment, working at home has advantages as well as disadvantages.

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