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2010’s Web Rivalry Between Microsoft Corporation Vs Google Part 2

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 17 Dec, 2010 22:29:26

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Your time reading this series is very much appreciated. This is the second part of our discussion about the competition between two Internet tycoons, Microsoft Corporation and Google Company.

On this part, you’ll be learning about 5 more aspects of their battle for popularity and user share. This article will focus on Microsoft and Google’s rivalry on security, software intended for office use, battle of the browsers, desktop OS, and legal matters.

It is given that every user’s main concern is security from malicious ware and viruses.

Of course, computer and internet users nowadays are very conscious when it comes to their security upon using modern innovations in technology. After the issue published by a security engineer of Google about codes of attack directly allied to Windows Server 2003 and XP’s bug was solely acting on itself and Google Company should not be tagged as liable for that issue. After the said incident, Microsoft Corporation blamed a Google security researcher jeopardizing users of Windows for having risks on publishing an exploitation of zero-day broad attacks. Both companies are having a serious counter attacks to each other when it comes to World Wide Web security.

Now, the battle of the browsers continues.

Every computer and internet user knows that Microsoft Corporation’s Internet Explorer has remained the prime browser used by many for Web surfing and browsing and made it more intense with the arrival of version 9 of Internet Explorer, which, based on reports is doing great when it comes to browser rankings. On the contrary, Internet Explorer’s utilization is way downhill according to monthly statistics with presence of Google Chrome as a browser is promising and growing so fast in 2 years after its launching. In addition, Chrome’s growth would be stabilized and continuous until next year with Chrome Web Store around.

They are also bullying on the title software intended for office use.

The company that still leads the productivity software and electronic mailing market is Microsoft in spite of the fact that it has difficulties to get a larger share of users on its mobile phone services. The products of Microsoft which still have larger users share are its Operating Systems and the Microsoft Office. On the other hand, Google Docs and Gmail are sets of cloud-based productivity tools which put Google Company on its highest level. While the competitor stated that only a percent of market share for electronic mailing has been established by Google, it continues to grow as it signed-up an estimated 3 million entities.

Desktop OS is also not an exemption.

Google also matched Microsoft’s trademark Windows Operating System with the release of Chrome OS which is a prototype version. Now, Google is fully convinced that it can persuade internal users to trash Windows OS usage and switch to their own operating system which they claim to be more secured. Based on analysis, the presence of Chrome OS will not deprive people on using Windows operating systems which can make Microsoft worry-free. On the other hand, a Platform Strategy Group senior director stated that Chrome would be the browser and the operating system is by Linux which will have only one application.

Even legal matters cannot escape the rivalry of Microsoft and Google.

In 2010, both Microsoft and Google blamed one another for monopolizing the market as Microsoft joined an organization that would hinder the plan of Google to acquire and conceptualize a company for travel software because they are afraid that Google might dominate the industry for online travel search and Google prosecuted the Interior Department of United States in favor of Microsoft Corporation for a cloud-based email contact bidding. The battle continues with Microsoft testimonies against Google on patenting Motorola as the base form for Android mobile OS and for scanning millions of books project and the same scenario goes vice-versa.


I’m sure most people who are hooked on computers and internet technology is ready to face 2011, and the expectation of more Microsoft and Google fights will become intensive as the New Year comes.




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