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2011 Applications For Mobile Galore: Part 1

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 31 Dec, 2010 20:04:28

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You may say that we no longer need apps for mobile telephones, but I beg to disagree because there are still more innovations coming to hit the market. I know deep inside of you and most of the people who are fond of using digital mobile devices still yearns to use apps for their gadgets like those who uses tablets, BlackBerrys, Android phones, iPhone, and iPad. In this 4-part article series, you’ll be informed about 16 of the most promising mobile applications with Operating Systems features and functions newly programmed for mobiles which will be available in the year 2011.

At this point, we are going to tackle the first four applications that surely will tickle your fancies.

BlackBerry Playbook’s hype

There is an incoming competition for both Android operated gadgets and iPad upon the launching of BlackBerry’s Playbook which will also be needing apps and more and more apps. This will be salable due to its dual-core and 1-GHz features that make its processor one of the most powerful because it will be capable of running apps that needs more power and has the capability to jibe with multitasking. I’m sure you can predict the future using Playbook because of its very high apps demand.

Android VLC media player

The one which will naturally match the Android operating system with open source is media player VLC. A VLC app version for Google Android is still yet to be available but the one for iOperating System for Apple is now in circulation. The Android VLC app will be released and become available in 2011. Negatively speaking, because of its fragmented nature, Android VLC app is not yet available like in the case of pending Android app Netflix.

eBooks from Google

If you are asking about eBooks launched by Google if it is apps, the answer is not really even though it has components of app nature. As a heads up, eBooks from Google is really a service for reading and buying electronic books which are cloud-based. You will have access on reading your books using any gadget on any browser anywhere and anytime.

Android and iPhone with Norton Everywhere

The year 2010 will be the year of risks and dangers for mobile gadgets based on data gathered by a computer antivirus manufacturer. Now, we need to have protection for our health and monetary situation, so it should be guarded through the use of smartphones. For you to protect your mobile data from thieves or from being lost and to prevent invasion of malicious software, Norton Everywhere is the apps your phone needs.

We will continue discussing more apps on the second part of this series, so stay on site.

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