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2011s Prospective Presents For Enthusiasts Of Linux

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 20 Dec, 2010 20:12:46

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The year 2010 is about to end few days from now and it is unstoppable. If you ever have a brother, cousin or relative, friend or colleague, or any other acquaintances who’s a Linux enthusiast, now is the time to give them the best present for the coming year 2011. Have you ever think of a present to your love one yet, especially, to those who are an expert to Linux?

Here are list of possible presents to your love ones or friends who are Linux inclined people.

  • Concept watch from Google Android

You can delight the fancy of your love ones by giving them a Google Android-connected concept watch which you can include on your shopping list for the coming year. Before the New Year hit by 12am of January 1, 2011, you can hand this beautiful watch over to your dear friend or relative for them to be happier and merrier in the coming year.

  • Barbie Computer Engineer Doll

For just US$13, you may include this specially designed and crafted Barbie Doll from Mattel Corporation with a concept of being a Computer Engineer which is actually perfect for your female friends who are Linux lovers. This is also a perfect idea for men who are courting girls who are Linux users.

  • Specially designed Google Android T-Shirt 

Your love one will surely roll with happiness whenever he or she receives this wonderful present. This is a T-Shirt with a depicted Android-robot-biting-an-apple design for an affordable price of US$19. If I’m going to be your friend and receive this gift I will wear this as often as I want to.

  • Google Android Robot Doll

If your friend is an adolescent or those who just came from being a child, you can give an amazing and lovable Google Android robot doll for him or her which you can buy for only US$20. This is suitable for folks who are open-minded and full option science system fanatics.

  • Android Powered Galaxy Tab from Samsung

You can now give your Linux expert friend a present which can replace an iPad. This is the Android powered Galaxy Tab from Samsung with prices based on carrier’s discretion and a perfect present coming from a high-income person like you. :-D 

  • iGala Picture Frame

You may consider giving a Wi-Fi enabled iGala Linux powered picture frame which you can use to connect your private albums, Gmail account, and Flickr. This cost US$200 for those who have much bigger budget for shopping this New Year

  • Stocking which can be personalized

You may also consider giving a personalized stocking which would be another Linux-oriented present. This cost only US$12 from CafePress and measures 19x19 inches. You may also ask the assistance of your Linux inclined buddy for more information.

  • Snarky Button from Linux

This is so cheap at US$4 which Linux enthusiasts like your colleague can easily express their thoughts about their favorite operating system.

  • Cheat Shirt Ala-Linux

If you want to give your friend a present that shows upside-down the various Linux commands, the Cheat Shirt from Linux would be one of the best buy at US$15 a piece.

  • Tux Mug

If your friend is fond of reading computer books and magazines sitting on a couch or sofa while drinking a hot chocolate, tea, or decaffeinated coffee, especially, this coming New Year, well don’t you hesitate to give a Linux user-friendly “The Tux Mug” which is priced at an affordable US$9 from store. What a warm beautiful incoming year for your friend!

With the list I provided, for sure your New Year shopping will not be as difficult and well-thought off like it used before.

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