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22 Tips on Interviewing the Boss (Part 2)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 16 Mar, 2011 11:23:02

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4.       Think you’re in a conversation not on a pageant’s question and answer portion. Nobody prohibits you to ask during the job interview. In fact, your questions are welcome as its shows your knowledge on the job, as well as your thinking skills, which is a plus on your employment. Moreover, the interviewer gets the chance to assess your level of thinking. Thus, don’t hesitate to raise questions whenever possible. This is a chance for you to know more about the job, evaluate if it fits you, and show at the same time that you’re the best person for the job.

5.       Know the interviewer. Knowing the interviewer is like seeing through the company’s window. Hence, if you want to have an instant inside look of what it feels like to work for your prospect company, interview the interviewer. Know how long he or she had been in the company for you to know his or her reliability. Also, ask him or her what he or she enjoys most in the company. Know also the biggest challenge he or she had in the company. This way you’d have a clear view of what to expect at work. In addition, knowing how the interviewer thinks will also make you more at ease during the job interview.

6.       Synchronize with the interview style of your interviewer. Yes, I’ve said that you should be confident to ask what you want to know about the job. However, too much of it may mislead your interviewer’s perspective about you, which may affect your chances. Hence, just go with the flow. Know when to show off and when to show respect. Have the right mix of confidence and politeness. Once, you do this right you’ll absolutely evaluate well the job and have it in case it passes your assessment.

7.       Determine the reason behind every question asked. Another reliable source of what you want to know about the job is the interview questions itself. Examples are, “Are you willing to do overtimes on short notice?”, “Are you willing to travel to different locations?”, “Would you relocate in ___ if ever you’re hired?” Questions like these instantly reveal what are required for the job, as well as the lifestyle accompanied with it. If ever questions like these are asked, clear its relevance at once to the interviewer. This is a chance for you to dig more info about the job. The interviewer won’t lie knowing it would affect your performance later if you’re hired. Next>>>

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