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22 Tips on Interviewing the Boss (Part 3)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 16 Mar, 2011 11:21:03

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8.       Prove at once that you’re the best person for the job. If you haven’t much got time to ask because the job interview is time limited, cut the chase. Prove at once that you’re the perfect job for the job. Hence, do your research before the interview. Know what the employer is looking for. When the interviewer asks you to introduce, include your matching qualifications, your level of experience, your specific achievements at work, and the answers to questions that will be asked to you later. Having your first foot in advance, you’d feel more entitled to ask about the job. The interviewer will also be obliged to orient you about the job, leaving him no question to ask.

9.       Ask whenever your topic of concern is tackled. The question “Do you have any questions” is often raised at the end of job interviews. You may think that it’s better to wait this cue to begin your questions, but on the contrary you shouldn’t. With the nervousness you feel you may easily forget your questions in mind. Moreover, you’ll take more effort in quoting what the interviewer said previously that concerns you. So you see it’s better to blur out your question whenever you get the chance during your job interview. Interviewers are impressed with applicants who take conversation during interview, and take action in knowing the job.

10.   Never ask about salary and benefit. Yes, I said you should ask with every concern you have in mind, but “take note” EXEMPT SALARY. Raise the questions on self gain and benefits when you’ve won the job and it is offered to you. If you’d insist on asking, you’d only appear as if you’re just after the income and not on the job itself. No employer would hire someone who’d only run after any job with sufficient salary. Don’t degrade yourself just because you’re curious how big the salary is. Now if you really control yourself; just ask someone you know who’s working in the company, or be contented with the salary statistics online.

11.   Ask about the definite tasks and responsibilities of the job. Yep, asking about the job and showing interest on it is definitely a plus. But aside from this additional rating, asking the specific tasks and responsibilities of the job is an important aspect in knowing if indeed you’ll last long in the job in case you win it. Next>>>

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