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22 Tips on Interviewing the Boss (Part 6)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 16 Mar, 2011 11:14:32

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20.   Ask why the job is vacant. Like employees, employers aren’t perfect. Some jobs are even hard to withstand. If you don’t want to found yourself trapped in a bad contract, during the job interview, ask the reason behind the job’s vacancy. Good, if the job is just newly established with a new department in the company. However, be alarmed if the job is left for consecutive times within short intervals. Be specific. If ever the job is vacant because of an employee resignation, ask for the reason behind the resignation.

21.   Know the permanency of the job. Now, don’t be so happy if the job is just established in the company. The job might not be permanent if this is the case. Oftentimes, employers still assess the improvement on their system with the added job function. They’d abolish a department or a job function once they find that it has no use. If you don’t want to have a short-lived contract or be dumped in a different department and job position, ask the interviewer the stability of the job.

22.   Don’t be shy to question if the interviewer has any doubt in hiring you. At the end of the interview, ask the interviewer if he or she has any doubt in hiring you. This way you’ll have better chance of getting hired having the chance to face the problems directly. Moreover, you’d have the chance to clear things up if ever there is a misunderstanding. There are things you might have not mentioned, which maybe important to the job interview. Don’t be shy to ask, because it’s not prohibited. You may even impress the interviewer. 

Finally, assess the job and the employer based from the job interview when you have the time to think. Don’t just accept the job if you have successfully won it. List the good points and the bad points. Compare it to your notes of best and worst job characteristics. Weigh in what are your priorities, and what can be negotiated and sacrificed. Follow your guts and logical thinking. This way you’d find the job that best fits you.

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