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24 Things that Effectively Motivates You to Work (Part 1)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 12 Feb, 2011 19:35:06

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Because of the repetitive chores at work, stress, and negative vibes often present to a working environment, there are times when you feel so tired to work. Don’t worry. Here are some simple yet effective things that will bring your motivation back on track. 

1.  Dream for development. What do you want to become ten years from now? The answer to this question should become one of your motivations to work. Have a clear vision of your ultimate dream. Plan your way to it and you’ll become more motivated to work hard. You can make a collage of showing your long- term goal. To make it more realistic add your picture to it. Paste it on the wall of your bedroom exactly where you look as you wake up. This will set your mind each morning to achieve your dreams. Once you’ve become serious in achieving your dreams, you’ll easily adopt to the everyday challenges accompanied with it.

2. Wants. Unlike long-term goals, wants are things you can get without much waiting. Some examples are cellphones, techie gadgets, bags, shoes, or anything that you crave for and buy from your salary. Wants are also great motivations especially at times of extreme pressure at work. Nevertheless, they’re not advisable to use constantly. You should secure savings first to become prepared for unseen future needs. This will remove the guilt in indulging yourself to motivating luxury. Now, if you haven’t got enough money to indulge to expensive motivations, you can also treat yourself to simple yet craving treat. It can be anything that you want badly, but won’t cost much. Anyhow, satisfying your subconscious need will definitely boost your motivation at work.

3. Fun Play. Contrary to common perception, fun play isn’t a luxury. In fact, it is a necessity. It feeds your emotional need giving you motivation to go on with everyday endeavors. Without it, life will become dull and meaningless. So, take a fun play once in a while. Satisfy the need of your inner childishness. It can be physical or mental, as long as it’s something you want to do crazy- but not illegal or immoralJ. Remember, indulging yourself to fun enables you to gain more positive energy for an energy- draining day of work. Next>>>

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