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24 Things that Effectively Motivates You to Work (Part 3)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 12 Feb, 2011 19:30:06

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8. Good Chitchat. When you feel down and depressed at work, blur it out. Talking to people would remove the unneeded load from your system. However, it doesn’t have to take depression to talk to someone. You may also share about your prowess and achievements at work to inspire more yourself and others as well. Just don’t get too much of it if you don’t want to appear like a childish brat. Having a chitchat buddy is good way to motivate you to work. Happy or sad, it is important to share your story to others. Just don’t indulge in it too much because it may affect your work efficiency and relationship with co-workers. Still, watch proper etiquette at work.    

9. Nice and Comfy Outfit. “Don’t judge the book by its cover”, still applies but let’s face it. Appearance does weigh at work. When you look good, people tend to look up on you and appreciate you more. This is a good motivation for you to work harder. Because you know that something is expected from you because of your looks, you’d strive harder for excellence. Nevertheless, appearance is not the sole basis for choosing an outfit. It should also be comfy to wear. You wouldn’t want an additional stress just from the dress you wear. Don’t worry if you’re required to wear uniform. You can still add glamour in wearing it by wearing some accessories. Just don’t overdo it. Know what suits your body and type of work. Experiment on the mirror what looks best on you for work. You don’t have to spend much just to look good. Just choose accessories that are inexpensive but look fabulous on you.

10. Food. I love food! And I don’t know anybody who doesn’t. When you feel so stressed from your day to day work, treat yourself for a nice dinner. Give yourself what your tummy craves. However, think of your health as well. Consider foods that are delicious but nutritious. You can have as much as you want as long as what you eat is good for your health. Nowadays, there are available guilt- free indulging delicacies, so you won’t have to worry much. Nevertheless, it would help if you’d take this kind of motivation moderately. Just make it as a reward each time you achieve something at work. This will make this kind of motivation more effective and less weight-worryJ. Next>>>

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