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24 Things that Effectively Motivates You to Work (Part 5)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 12 Feb, 2011 19:23:40

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15. Family and Friends. They are the people that you want to share your success and happiness in your career. They are also the ones you seek for help and advice in times of failure. Make them your inspiration in your everyday work. Draw your motivation from them. This way you’ll feel not alone in facing the everyday challenges in your career. During your day off, spend time with your family and friends. Treat them for a dinner, spa, or night out. Share the blessings you receive with them. You’d feel better by making them happy. Creating good memories will recharge your motivation. There is no view more beautiful and delightful than your happy family. Let them also know your stories at work. You’ll feel better once you hear their insights and advice. Their love and support will fuel your drive to accomplish your dream for them. Tell also about your achievements. You’ll get inspired more at work to bring pride for your family.

16. High Salary and Attractive Benefits. Who wouldn’t want a high salary? Earning to have financial stability is one of the reasons why people work. So, as much as possible choose the company that pays more for your services. Consider also the benefits and perks in working for an employer. These include transportation allowances, health insurance, or commissions. You’d feel more satisfied and motivated to work for your employer. Just remember not to put your hard work to waste. Secure savings and spend wisely every penny of your salary. No salary is big if you’re not a wise spender.

17. Encouraging Boss. All bosses ought to be encouraging. They only have different motivational styles. Some use praises while others scold. There are also bosses who use material incentives for efficient employees. I have also met a boss who’ll let you do your own thing as long as you finish the task efficiently. Like parents, they also treat employees differently according to their attitude at work. For me, there is neither perfect boss nor right way to encourage. The result depends on you, not from your boss. In your career, you’ll meet different superiors. It isn’t right to rely them your success. Just think of this way. They’re all encouraging. If your boss is too harsh for you, accept the challenge of earning his trust. If he or she happens to be nice and trusting, pay him or her back by doing your job well. Next>>>

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