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24 Things that Effectively Motivates You to Work (Part 7)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 12 Feb, 2011 19:14:28

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21. Favorable Company Rules. The rules and regulations of a company or employer is also a factor in motivation you to work. These include the system of procedures at work, criteria for promotions, punishment and disciplinary policy, and other governing guidelines affecting the employees. Hence, choose to work for a company with favorable rules and policies. Work only for company that you believe the vision. This way you’ll get more motivated for the job. However, once you’ve chosen a company be flexible and adapt to changes of rules and regulations.

22. Your Job Qualifications. Yep, you’ve read it right. Your qualifications also affect your motivation at work. Have you experienced having the lead because you knew something others don’t? This shows clearly that your skills and knowledge at work are essential in your confidence at work. Thus, strive to gain more skills. Attend to seminars and trainings. If your company provides free training, take advantage of it. Use your resources in gaining abilities to get motivated more at work.

23. Challenge at Work. Make use of your natural body motivating fluid by challenging yourself at work. Relish the adrenaline rush whenever a hard task is given to you. Prove that you’re the best for the job. Do your job in an efficient manner. Don’t get discouraged with others criticism. Instead, use this to your advantage. Take this as a challenge. Once you get used in hurdling challenges, achieving your dreams will become easy. Having this habit will give you an out flowing fuel of determination at work.  

24. Natural Interest for the Job. Last, but definitely not the least is your passion for the job. If you don’t like what you do, all the above listed motivations will be nothing. You’d only waste more energy in convincing yourself to get up from bed to go to work. Thus, prefer a job that you really like. Choose the job that you could do even without salary (hey, I’m not saying you should accept a job without salary). I know you’d agree that working five days per week, eight hours per day in a boring job is hell. If you like what you do, you won’t have to take much energy in doing your job because you enjoy it.

Motivation is vital to every job. It is the fueling energy that enables you to work every day. And knowing what motivates you will enable you to control the level of pressure at work for a more efficient job.

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