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25 Commandments for Home Based IT Workers (Part 3)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 31 Jan, 2011 01:17:58

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10. Secure working samples. If you have validated and published work online, you won’t have a problem in showing samples to your employers and clients. You just have to give them the web address. But if you don’t have, make a sample of your work online, preferably published with your online resume. Just make sure that the samples are not published anywhere else (happens when you’ve sold the right to other people) to avoid law suits. Remember to avoid typos and flaws to keep your chances up. Show your best samples.

11. Help other IT workers evaluate their work. Evaluating other people’s work is a good way of working out your skills. Most people tend not to look at the shortcomings when checking their own work. Checking other people’s work help you improve your own work more by knowing the most committed mistakes. If you constantly do this, you become more familiar with what’s best, not with what’s acceptable to your ego.

12. Measure your capacity. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Determine how long it takes for you to finish a certain task in a certain quality. Be honest with yourself in knowing the depth of your abilities. If you’re familiar with your capacity, you won’t have a problem negotiating with deadlines. You’d also know where to start in improving your skills and your services.

13. Seek to go beyond your limitations. Don’t settle to what you can do now. Seek development in the level of your skills and capabilities. Everytime you succeed to conquer an area in your career, plan on how to get the next one. You wouldn’t have to spend much to know much. There are a lot of free references online that you could use. Take advantage of it in improving your online career.

14. Stick with deadlines. If you want to have a reliable regular income, stick with deadlines. Don’t make your employers and clients **** with your work and attitude. They may not say it, but not meeting the deadline is a go signal for them to look for a new worker.  

15. Maintain a good credibility. Good credibility attracts networks and clients, opposite of a bad credibility that takes away every chance on online industry. With the availability of social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, building up and destroying credibility is so easy and contagious. Thus, watch everything you do online. Think twice, before you post or send anything. Next>>>

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