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25 Commandments for Home Based IT Workers (Part 4)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 31 Jan, 2011 01:15:17

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16. Secure reliable contact methods. Use only few reliable contact methods that are always within your reach. Make sure that you’re always available for your clients’ requests and questions. This is necessary especially if the project you’re working on is urgent. You wouldn’t want to receive a hate mail from your employer stating that you’re fired.

17. Settle only to reliable deals. Never agree to a deal that has several loop holes especially if you don’t know long enough the person whom you are dealing with. There are a lot of cyber criminals wanting to get advantage of online employments. Thus, be careful and wise in dealing online. It is best to validate the person’s identity and the company he or she represents. This is so easy using internet. Search for the person’s name and the company he or she represents. Once you find the contact details of the company or person from a reliable website, immediately contact them. With this method, you’d know if they’re true employers or cyber criminals.

18. Secure a reliable payment method. Prefer a reliable and instant payment method such as PayPal. Don’t accept other payment methods that you’re not familiar with. This definitely would lessen the risk of losing your hard worked income.

19. Avoid scams. Don’t believe promises of being hired in return of a payment. You’re finding a job to earn, not to spend money. True employers ask for skills, not payment. Always keep the copies of emails for online transactions. This would be a valid evidence to pass a law suit in case you’re scammed.

20. Become organized. A well organized working place or desk would absolutely prepare you for an efficient day of work. You wouldn’t have to dig files just to look for an important note. As a result, less stress and less worries. Aside from your things, you also have to organize your schedule. This is a must considering you’ll work for different clients, different projects with different deadlines. Hence, keep a pocket-sized organizer that you can bring wherever, whenever. This would help you jot down in times of inspiration and an idea sparks your mind, clearing your brain from too much stress and memorization.

21. Introduce the nature of your work to your family and everyone who lives and visits your house. I didn’t know I had to organize my family as well when I started my online career. I only realized its importance when I got sick from too much stress, absolutely not because of my work load but because of excessive disturbance. Hence, talk to your family regarding your concern. Explain to them that your work is just like any other jobs that needs effort and attention. Once they understand, they’d help you lessen the work interruptions. Next>>>

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