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25 Commandments for Home Based IT Workers (Part 5)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 31 Jan, 2011 01:12:32

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22. Be Flexible. You can lessen interruptions, but you can’t totally eliminate them. Hence, learn to become flexible. Adjust to the family’s schedule to fasten your work. If you’d insist in accomplishing your job while the whole family is partying, you’d only loss more energy and in the end you won’t complete a decent work. Balance your time for fun, rest, and work. You wouldn’t have to stick to a definite schedule. Just focus on the things you need to do and when to do them.

23. Secure savings. There are times when the demand gets low and you couldn’t win a single project for a month. This often happens to freelancers. If you prefer to go freelance, start to secure your savings. Even if you win big projects, don’t waste your money. It is best to become prepared when the drought comes. I’m not saying that you have to deprive yourself of things that would make you happy. You could still have some leisure in life. Just be sure that you have enough savings for emergencies.

24. Take care of your computer. For home based workers, computers are their most important equipment for their job. So, it is necessary to keep its good performance. A sluggish computer would bring you enormous stress at work, especially when you’re running after a deadline. Employers won’t take excuses. A deadline is a deadline.

25. Be kind to yourself. Accept that you’re only human that also becomes tired with constant working. When you accept your limitations, you become open taking care of yourself more. Oftentimes, people forget the essence of work and how the enjoyment of doing your job. They often get caught with too much ambition and desire. If you want to succeed in your online career, put importance on yourself.  If you know you can’t meet the deadline, admit it early to your client. You’d only burn yourself up with too much stress.

It irritates me when people say that home based jobs are easy. If only they could experience a day or two of how hard it is to keep up with the competition. Nevertheless, if you really have the passion for your profession, you would still enjoy doing your job no matter how hard it is. You’d eventually cope with the challenges because you’d feel satisfied with your career.

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nice article,.thanks for the tips and guidlines..

keep it up..

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