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3 Fast and Free Ways to Higher Web Traffic

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 15 Dec, 2010 12:11:34

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“High Web Traffic”- this is almost every webmasters goal. Those who have resources spend enormous funds just to drive more traffic for their online domain. Most of people think that this is hard to achieve, but for some this is but a piece of cake. The following are some of the free quick fixes that these guys do for their website to make it more favorable to search engines:

Quick Fix No. 1- Link to High-Trafficked Web Pages with Same Niche. This method of optimizing traffic is considered as one of the most effective. Search engine spiders favor web pages with links of high-trafficked websites. Thus, choose to post the links of the top 10 web pages sited by Google using the popular keywords on your niche.  Why Google?- because it is considered as the most reliable search engine.

Quick Fix No. 2- Sending Trackbacks to Posts with Good Traffic. Having a link on high trafficked websites with same niche is as effective as the Quick Fix Number 1. One way to have your link posted to other blog is through trackbacks. You can send trackbacks to high-trafficked blog posts whenever you write your own blog post. First, find for a blog post on same topic with your blog post using the Google search engine. Go to the blog post and look for the trackback link. Most likely, you’ll find it just below the text field for comments. Copy the trackback link. Next, edit or write your post and look for the text field for trackbacks. For Wordpress, you’ll find the text field asking for trackbacking site just below the text field for your blog post. Paste the trackback link to the text field asking for trackbacking site. Then, post your article. Now, you’re done sending a trackback. You’ll have to wait whether the blog owner allows it for posting, if he or she will find your link relevant to the topic.

Quick Fix No. 3- Keyword-Optimize the Name and Description of your Website. Use words that are commonly used by search engine users in naming and describing your website. Ask yourself the most appropriate word that would enter your mind in your chosen niche. Search engines easily recognize websites that are named properly.

You wouldn’t have to spend money to drive traffic for your website. You just need the willingness to take effort in learning the ways of blogging. Take advantage of the free information on internet.

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