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3 Things You Need to Qualify for a Job

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 30 Jan, 2011 06:58:49

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Many people nowadays just apply for a job without assessing first if they’re indeed qualified. Hence, they’re wasting money, time, and effort, but in the end they’re not considered for the job. If you want to qualify for a job, complete these things you need to get hired:

1. Availability for Work. Of course, this makes sense. You wouldn’t be hired if you’re not available for the job. Even if this is so obvious, this is the most neglected qualification for a job. There are several times that I’ve read resumes stating that the applicant’s address is 1000 kilometers away from the employer, which often happens when the applicant relocates to find a job. If you’re applying for a home based job, this is okay. But if you’re applying for a company based job, this is definitely a “NO”. Thus, be sure to write your present address near the working place and not your permanent address on your resume. Moreover, assure your prospect employer that you wouldn’t become late or absent.

2. Required Level of Skills for the Job. Among the three things needed to qualify for a job, applicants generally focus on the skills required for the job. It is so popular that it is often referred to as “qualifications”. However, applicants oftentimes neglect the level of the skills required for the job. Employers refer to them by assessing applicant’s job experience and training background. For instance, an applicant knows how to write computer programs but he cannot do it without the reference book. Therefore, if you’ll apply for a job, know the needed level of mastery for each skill required. If you got the level of skill required, put evidence on it by referring to your trainings, voluntary or paid job experiences.

3. The Right Attitude. You may have the right level of skills for the job. But you wouldn’t still make it, if you haven’t got the right attitude for work. Right attitude is composed of good values at work such as punctuality, politeness, initiative, perseverance, respect for others, and passion for the job. Without these good values, you wouldn’t make your job efficiently. Oftentimes, employers prefer applicants that have the right attitude even though they haven’t got the right level of skills than those who have superb skills but with records of misconduct from previous company or school. Believe it or not, companies do spend funds to know their applicants and employees background.

If you really want to get hired for a job, prepare for it. Know the things you need to get the job. Remember, relying on luck wouldn’t get you anywhere.

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