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3 Things You Should Avoid When You are Reviewing for CCNA Exams

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 13 Jun, 2010 13:43:23

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If you’re reviewing for CCNA Exams, you should be aware of things that might mess up your concentration. Normally, you wouldn’t notice these things disrupting you, as they are common on your everyday life. But for you who’s about to take a major test, you’ll need to take all the focus you can get.  Disturbance is the last things you’ll ever want for yourself. Here are the things you should take control while you are studying:

Taking gimmicks and engaging to fun activities. Oh yes, “you’re grounded!”  In logical sense, you should be always studying if you really want to pass. Nope, I’m not being to hyperbole. Studying each day, keeps failure away. There’s no such thing as “overdose” in studying. As long as you take short brakes in recharging your brain cells, you’ll be fine. There’s no shortcut in increasing your chances in passing the CCNA exams. Interpolating from these facts, you need all the time you can get to study, even if it means “spoiling your life” in the meantime. Reserve all the fun after the CCNA Examination. Look forward on them as reward for your hard work and sacrifices. Better yet treat them as celebration perks because for sure 99.9999% you will pass. Boost your drive to achieve the CCNA Certification by keeping these happy thoughts in mind.

Being Blue. It’s okay to wear blue “_”. I mean, you should avoid feeling depressed. Emotions clutter mind. Those spaces in your brain shouldn’t be filled with distracting things. Instead, it should be loaded with lessons and data you need for the exams. So, try to avoid thinking about sadness and problems, especially heartaches.

Being self-doubted. You definitely won’t pass, if you’ve already raised the white flag. Don’t submit yourself to failure as for sure you’ll fall into it. Feeling anxious is fine. It makes you aware what you should do. However, too much of it leads to vulnerability. Believe you can do it. If you’re studying well for the CCNA Exams, then there’s nothing to worry about. Avoid this by taking tryout exams. Once you’ve passed through 10 out of 10 consecutive practice tests, you’ll feel more secured.

Talk to your family and friends regarding your preparations for the CCNA Exams. Make them aware of your need for concentration. They’ll help you obtain a good atmosphere for your review. Take control of distractions and you’ll have a well prepared “self” for passing the CCNA Exams.

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