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4 Characteristics of a Winning Online Resume

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 22 Jan, 2011 21:49:56

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Creating an online resume enables you to keep a comprehensive record of your achievements, opens better career opportunity, provides convenience in handling your credentials, and can serve as an inspiration to achieve more in your career. With these perks, I’m sure you want to start building your online resume. But if you’re having trouble how it should appear, below is the list of characteristics of a winning resume to help you out.

1. Simple and professionally formatted. The appearance of your online resume definitely creates an image of you…and for employers you should give the impression of professionalism. Simplicity depicts professionalism. So, as much as you can set up your online resume in a simple way. Aside from the fact that it depicts professionalism, making your online resume simple will make it clear and readable. According to statistics, employers only take few seconds to scan an applicant’s resume and assess if it’s worth readable. They won’t spend more time evaluating the content if it’s chaotic. Hence, make take time in formatting well your online resume.

2. Highlights key qualifications. Specifically, what job position do you want to occupy? Take note of the required qualifications of the job. Emphasize your qualifications that match the ones required for the position. You should always accentuate that you are the most qualified person for the job- no one else.

3. Provides evidence and supporting data of claimed qualifications. It’s not enough to claim “the skills”. You’ll have better chances if you’d provide supporting data and evidences for each qualification. This includes your related job experiences, skill certifications, awards and accomplishments that can prove your key qualifications. Remember that your qualifications are mere summaries of what you have. Job experiences, educational attainment and trainings, and achievements are still your prospect employer’s main reference since it shows the level of your skills and knowledge.

4. Backed-up with testimony, recommendations, and comments from your previous to present superiors and colleagues. To top it all, you also have to seek testimonials from your present and previous employers. If you have no job experience and you’re about to apply for your first job, ask for your professors’ recommendation. They’ll surely help you especially if you’re diligent and attentive at school. Moreover, add their contact details to make them accessible to your prospect employers.

If you want to succeed in your career, take time in creating your most winning resume. Have in mind that it will be your first step in achieving your dream career.

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