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4 Most Common Reasons Why People Blog

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 13 Dec, 2010 11:49:55

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In this article, you’ll know why many people blog. Some of these are:

Reason No. 1- To advertise. Most blogs nowadays use articles as front for marketing service or products. This is not surprising as almost all people nowadays use internet, making each advertisement open to larger number of audience. Moreover, because users are more defined based from the sites visited, the advertisements become more targeted. Therefore, this decreases the required effort in reaching the target audience. Aside from this fact, advertisement through internet is a lot cheaper than advertisements through television. So you see, internet advertisements reach larger number of possible clients at lower cost than other modes of advertisements.

Reason No. 2- To establish integrity. Examples of blogs published with this intent are company websites and online resumes. With the competition getting rough, a boost to global exposure through the World Wide Web would definitely put one in greater capability in achieving more influence in the market as well as in the core industry. This is possible; hence the feat of a company or a person becomes an open book to the public. Admit it or not, to influence an industry is to become boastful sometimes.

Reason No. 3- To create a personal space in the internet. Yep, you’ve read it right. Some people create blog just for their own eyes, including me. I have a personal blog, which I use as diary, photo album, and storage of personal files. The blog is so personal (not to the extent of exposing my naked body) that I’ve hidden it from search engines, plus its password protected. Maybe, you’re asking why the heck I am exerting so much effort. It because of: CONVENIENCE. Imagine, you won’t have to worry whenever you’ve forgot to bring your USB stick. You can access to your files wherever or whenever you need them as long as you have computer with internet connection.

Reason No. 4- To share. Blogging is made out of the purpose of making communication and sharing easy. Statistically, most blog followers are those who want something to cheer them up and inspire them every day, or teach them new things and make them aware of important issues. Out of goodwill and love of wisdom, there are a lot of people who answer to this new calling- the calling to serve people through blogging.

If you haven’t got your own blog, hopefully, after reading this article you’d start your own blog for whatever reason you have in mind. If you have reason other than the above sited, please add them to comments. We’d really love to know them!

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