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4 Reasons Why You Should Start Creating an Online Resume

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 22 Jan, 2011 18:08:49

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Whether you’re still applying for job, has a stable employment, or still studying; it is ideal to have your own online resume. Here are the reasons why it is important to create and maintain an online resume:

1. Maintaining an online resume enables you to keep a comprehensive record of your achievements. A resume packed with comprehensive achievements gives you a big chance to get hired, especially if every recorded feat is attained within short gaps of time. However, with the busy schedule most of us have, it is hard to keep a record of every achievement attained. If you have an online resume, it will be a lot easier for you to keep track of your achievements. You’ll gain more access in updating a “durable” achievement record, which will definitely help in conquering your dream career.   

2. Exposing your credentials on the internet can open better career opportunity. An online resume is accessible to everyone in the world connected to internet, including the most desired employment companies in your field. If you have written well your online resume matching the required qualifications of the position that you want to occupy, then expect your email inbox filled with job offers.

3. Having an online resume provides convenience in handling your credentials. Whenever you need a copy of your resume, you won’t have to worry even if you’ve forgot to bring the memory stick containing your resume. Wherever you are, you can have a copy of your resume as long as there is a computer connected to internet. To add credibility to your online resume; it would also help if you’d secure online copies of pertinent documents that you need like skills certifications, letters of recommendation, transcript of school records, and employment certifications.

4. Polishing an online resume can serve as an inspiration to achieve more in your career. Having a well-polished resume means you need to attain numerous feats in your industry. Considering this fact, maintaining an online resume will persuade you to do better and work harder. Who wouldn’t like an applauding resume, anyway?

There are many web hosting sites available that are free and easy to set-up nowadays. Among these are Google’s Blogger, Wordpress, and Weebly. Thus, there is no reason for you not to take action in making your dreams into reality. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your very own online resume!

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