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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Send Facebook Friend Request to Your Boss

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 30 Mar, 2011 20:57:38

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Let’s admit it. Facebook is already a part of almost everyone’s hobby, socialization, needless to say, to life itself. With this global trend, it’s so easy to become fond of using facebook features to stay connected with every people you know. But, please not to your boss. You shouldn’t accept facebook request from your boss, or, much more, send a friend request to him. These are the reasons why:

1. You’d get caught, red handed logging on to Facebook during working hours. If you have your own computer at work with internet connection, I wouldn’t believe if you’d say you don’t use facebook during work time. Most probably your boss would also think the same. He may even use Facebook also to track employees who easily get on the loose. Hence, don’t befriend him on facebook, so you won’t get caught red handed.

2. Your personal grudges at work will be revealed. It’s easy to post nasty statements on facebook, especially when you’re angry and stressed. To avoid any mess with your employer, don’t let him access your posts, as well as your photos, and comments.

3. Your boss may find you in conspiracy against the company. You can’t avoid socializing with people on facebook, even if they’re from your rival company. When your employer sees your connection with their competitors, you may be charged with conspiracy against the company. You may not have the intention, but you may post something that concerns the company and its competitors. Indeed, this is serious. Employers are definite in making the company endeavors confidential especially from its competitors, because it would cost them big.    

4. It will be hard for you to balance friendship and professionalism. When you know a lot about the personal life your boss and him to you as well, the quality of your work as well as your working relationship may suffer. It would be safer, if you only know him as your boss and you as an employee.

Know your limitations of using facebook and other social networking websites. If you really can’t avoid adding your career colleagues and boss as your facebook friends, make a separate facebook account. Keeping the balance of your personal life and career endeavors is hard nowadays. But if you keep your awareness open, you’d reap the goodness of technology and not its disadvantages.

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