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4 Steps to Write Your Winning Resume

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 08 Jul, 2010 00:28:28

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Are you tired of getting no answer from prospect employers? Well, you’re not alone. Most applicants, even those with most kicking qualifications, are experiencing difficulty in having appointment for interview. Surprisingly, this is a real-life situation. Often, this happens when the applicant’s abilities aren’t reflected on the submitted resume. Here are few effective steps on how you can translate well your qualifications into a piece of job-winning resume:

Step 1. Understand posted qualifications and write down your matching competencies

First things first, know what exactly the employer looks for the viable winning applicant. Jot down the skills and qualifications required. If you haven’t got these must-have capabilities, then do not apply. Do not waste your time, knowing you won’t make it. Instead, find ways on how you can equip yourself with necessary skills and experience.

Note also the company’s ideals for you to have a clear grasp of your prospect’s general beliefs, having them collaborated with your own career objectives, turning it into a moving intro. Who employer wouldn’t be interested on an applicant that has same aspiration as his company has? However, do not copy directly word per word. Just work out your own piece by thinking how you can help the company reach its goal while helping your own career as well.

Step 2. Gather all certifications (I mean all!)

Now you have draft of your skills and objectives matching what your prospects needs, next thing to do is to prove its authenticity in writing. Gather all your certificates; including those from school, employers, trainings, voluntary activities, and others. Separate the certificate for awards, work and voluntary experiences, trainings and education; from each other. Have a list of award certificates, but sorted according to type, i.e. programming, networking. Put on top of the list the most relevant awards. Do the same for the certificates for work and voluntary experiences, and training and education.

Step 3. Seek Credible References

Like everybody says, “Don’t put a relative on your qualification references”. Seek permission to someone credible who knows you scholastically or professionally. Credible, means they have the position to recommend you in the industry you are taking, such as previous employers and college professors.

A hint, please include only those you know who will give a good comment to your prospects. Some don’t care what names they write. As long as the person’s title seems good enough, then that’s it. Other applicants even mention people who don’t know them. 

One day, our college dean receives a call from an employer asking about an applicant’s behavior and capabilities. Having a hard time recalling who was applicant the employer refers to, if it was a former student; he took a safe move commenting that the applicant was a previous “average” student. So you see, it is ****ish to have someone as a reference without begging their permission, especially if they don’t remember you.

Step 4. Organize the gathered information and data into a clear functional resume

This is the time to take out all the lists you’ve made. Organize now the data and have them typed on computer. Make sure that the resume is clear and easy to read by setting relevant info’s on focus. Include the necessary dates for the acquisition of certificates, experiences duration, and so on. Don’t forget to paste your professional looking picture.

A job can have hundreds or even thousands of applicants. To cut the number, employers only grab resumes that are worthwhile for their short allotted time. They don’t settle for less. Expect no room for junks. Thus, your resume should entail the best of your qualifications for you to get opportunity.

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