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4 Things to Do If You Don’t Want To Get Hired

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 20 Aug, 2010 08:59:21

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If you want to be hired, you’d better continue reading so you’ll have an idea what applicants often do that misses their possibility for employment. You’ve read it right! There are things that almost every applicant does that dump their chances of getting hired.

1. Sending a generic cover letter. If you think you’re catching several birds in one stone by submitting an all-in-one cover letter, you’re absolutely WRONG. Employers notice cover letters that are written by “happy-go-lucky” applicants. Who would want to hire a freewheeling applicant? When you’re writing a cover letter for a job, make sure that it is targeted. Site your specific qualifications that match you for the position. Have in mind that there are a lot of applicants who’re applying for the job. Thus, most employers often save time by filtering cover letters. They won’t settle for any less.

2. Wearing inappropriate outfit for the interview. Would you wear a worn out jeans and a funky shirt in applying for a corporate position? Certainly, not. This rule goes also in applying for other jobs. If you want to get hired, then claim it. Have the best image for the position. Show the employers that you’re indeed fit for the job.

3. Advancing weaknesses during interview. Once I’ve met a qualified applicant for a job, but guess what, he wasn’t hired. He was the fittest applicant among other applicants. However, he was one of the few who failed to have the job. This happened because of his inappropriate advances. During interview, he told the interviewing president of the company that he won’t be able to do work overtime as he has illness. So you see  requiring limits on your “future boss” won’t get you anywhere.

4. Defaming your former employer or company. Oftentimes employers ask experienced applicants the reason for their resignation. When this question was asked to a former fellow applicant, she boldly answered that her former company have no concern for their employees. Instantly upon hearing this, I knew she wouldn’t make it. If you’d complain about your former employer, go to the Department of Labor and Employment and not on your future employer. You’d only ruin your chances by doing so. The employer would definitely think that you’re going to defame them as well once you leave the company.

The four sited unmindful mistakes in applying for a job are only tip of the iceberg. If you really want to get a job, it’s not enough that you’d do everything. Instead, you should think first before doing anything.

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