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5 Ways to Keep your Website Updated

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 25 May, 2011 08:01:46

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Here are some relevant ways to sparkle excitement on your website, and keep your readers coming.

Embed live feed of news tackling your niche. Choose the website of any supervising or the monitoring institution on your industry. Find their website page where they post news, which would interest your readers. Find its feed and post it on your website using a live feed reader. Oops! Don’t forget to inform the website owner to ask for their permission.

Post short relevant articles. Some take the wrong move in posting long articles with the perception that readers will find them comprehensive and hence read diligently. According to statistics, online readers are discouraged in reading long articles. So, keep your articles short but make them relevant and informative. You can do this by covering an interesting subtopic of a subject. You can also divide your post into short paragraphs and highlight key statements.

Post interesting videos and pictures on your niche. Aside from informative articles, readers are also interested on videos and images. Just look at how many online tutorials are there in YouTube. You may also post images along with related articles. Make your website a virtual pleasure. This way your web traffic will definitely increase.

Connect your facebook page to your website. There are a lot of facebook plugins available that are easy to embed on your website. Among of these are the activity feed, and facebook badge. Through Facebook’s activity feed, readers will view their friends’ posts related to your facebook page and theirs as well. Through activity feed, you can easily get in touch with your readers with Facebook.

Post news and events of your company. If you want to have more readers, get up-close and personal. Bring you’re the whole image of your company on your website. Keep them updated with what’s going on inside your company premises. Share occasions, especially celebrations of success.

Website is now almost a requirement to every business seeking marketing success. Nevertheless, launching your website online doesn’t mean you’ve won the battle. It takes patience and dedication in updating your website to keep your readers, and eventually earn more followers.

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