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7 Warning Signs Technology is Ruining Your Life (Part 1)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 17 Jan, 2011 14:25:07

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Because of technology, the humanity’s way of life improved. Gone are the days when people need to wait for a month to receive a letter from distant love ones. You wouldn’t need to carry bundles of book just to have a complete copy of your school lessons. Indeed…technology made communication, transportation, learning, entertainment, and work more accessible and easy. However, accessibility and easiness also brings disadvantage to people’s attitude. Here are the warning signs your attitude is being affected because of technology:

1.       People tease you as “Sleepy”. Your friends make fun of you watching you fall asleep wherever you get the chance to lean. This is because you’re lacking sleep last night as you were exchanging text messages with your crush- I’m not asserting this just because I’m bitter having zero score on my love life. You can have all the privilege to make your moves. Nevertheless, it’s not an enough excuse to deprive your body of essential things it needs like enough sleep and sufficient energy. Don’t put your cell phone near your bed. Give your body the undisturbed sleep it deserves.

2.       You don’t know anymore the spelling of “bol” or should I say “ball”. This often happens when you short-cut text messages and you constantly rely on computer for spelling checks. Yes, there are available resources to make your writing perfect without an effort. However, you’re not doing yourself any favor. Technology should improve you, not make you a useless ****.

3.       You’re nagging your boyfriend or girlfriend just because he didn’t reply after 10 minutes. You just can’t wait. Question like, “What is he doing that is more important than talking to his girlfriend”, continues to loop your mind. If you’re guilty, don’t be ashamed. Many people are getting impatient because of the “instant” bandwagon nowadays. Just keep your attitude tact and remind yourself that not all things in life should be instant.

4.       You got 1000 friends on Facebook and know only 30 persons among them. You add every people you bump into as friend. If this describes you, please be informed that you’re giving that person the right to access your personal info. (So, what?) Personal info’s can be used against you by people who take advantage of social networking websites. Your personal data can grant anyone to access your financial account with a bit of crime technique. So, be careful in choosing networks and friends online.

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Thank you for this post,, it really helps me a lot!,, i appreciate it..

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