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A Complete step by step guide on reformatting and Windows XP installation (part 1)

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 20 Jun, 2011 23:47:31

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What is reformatting? Reformatting is a process in which you remove/delete all files, documents and even your previous installed windows xp in your hard drive. Reformatting is done before installing or reinstalling your OS or operating system to make sure that you’ll be installing it in a clean or a newly formatted hard drive to avoid errors. In this article, you’ll learn the complete step by step guide on how to reformat and how to install your windows xp operating system on your hard drive. This guide is very easy and detailed. All you need to do is follow it.

Before doing any of this steps, make sure that you have the drivers of all the devices connected to your computer so that everything will function well after the installation.

For Windows XP Users:

Step 1: Insert your Windows XP CD on your CD/DVD drive. Make sure that your CD/DVD drive is the first priority in booting. To check, you need to enter your BIOS setup then check the boot priority tab. Please check your motherboard’s manual for reference on how to enter your BIOS and how to change the boot priority of your motherboard.

Step 2: Wait for the “Press any key to boot from CD” then press anything to continue with the installation.  

Step 3: When you are already on the “Welcome to Setup” page, hit enter to continue with the setup.

Step 4: In this page, you will be seeing the Licensing agreement. In this case, hit f8 to continue with the setup.

Step 5: In this case, you are now on the setup screen of windows xp. It will automatically detect your hard drive and will tell you that the partition must now be formatted. You can select the one with the <Quick> on the right side. This will be faster.

Step 6: Just wait for a few minutes while your hard drive is being formatted. After formatting your hard drive, you will now see that Windows is now copying files needed for installation.  This will take a while, just be patient and don’t try to restart or switch your computer off.

Step 7: After copying all the files, your computer will automatically restart.

Step 8: The “Press any key to boot from CD” will pop up again but this time, don’t press any button.

Step 9: Windows Xp will now continue setup. This will also take a while.

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