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A Glimpse of the Core Processors

by: Ailene B. Misa | 07 Dec, 2009 16:46:23

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Technologies change very fast from one model to another. Let us consider the development of computer as well with the laptops. At first we have Celeron, Pentium and now the Core processors for Intel.

Most of the new laptop and computer models contain Core 2 Duo, Pentium Dual-Core inside, or Pentium D. But are you aware of it's' technology and structure? Does each differ from one another? The big question is which is the best for your needs?

This article will explain simple facts about Core 2 Duo, Pentium D, and Core Duo processor from a simple point of view as an end user. Let us first define each processor base on their physical characteristics.

When we say Core 2 Duo processor it is a dual core processor. The Pentium D processors are also dual core processor, and Core Duo processors are dual core processors. Dual core is the generic term for two CPUs or two separate physical cores inside, that was placed inside a single processor. The Pentium D, Core Duo, and Core 2 Duo from Intel and the Athlon from AMD have dual cores in a single package. Both Intel and AMD core are 64 bit. Intel dropped the term Pentium in favour of the core architecture.

Dual core processors were created for efficiency. It is like human, we do say two heads are better than one. Each head or processor is doing certain task like one is accessing while the other is executing.

Pentium 4D is simply a two Pentium 4 processor paired together and work as dual core. It was manufactured by Intel with to two dual core 64-bit processors with the Net Burst microarchitechture. It contained two dies, each with a core inside. This processor consumed high power energy. Its power consumption was the main reason why it was removed from the industry.

The Core Duo processor was built based on the Pentium III-4 Hybrid technology. It was Intel's first generation dual core (low power) processor. It was designed for laptops, but then there are some manufacturers created motherboards for this processor. It is more efficient than the Pentium D. It contained two interconnected Pentium M CPUs packed in a single die. The Core Duo was the CPU for the first generation Macbook Pro. This processor has the ability to disable one core to conserve energy. Most of the new release laptop used this processor.

Intel's second generation processor is the Core 2 Duo processor. It was created for both desktop and laptop units. It was designed from the start to be fast with less power consumption compared with the previous processors. This processor was commonly used in computer units for business application. This can deliver fast performance, energy efficiency, multitasking, and a big help for productivity. The Core 2 Duo has advanced power saving features. It lets you get more output in less time reducing your energy costs by an average of at least fifty percent (50%). It was designed to cater both the laptop and desktop units. Most of the high end released laptop used this processor like the HP DV series.

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what about the core i3,i5,and corei7.what are the advantages and disadvantages.

why do computers tend to surrender if it is over used?

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