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A Guide to IT Courses…

by: Vianca C. Villar | 14 Dec, 2009 12:48:20

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Have you decided to take a course in IT? Are you sure you picked the one for you? Over time, the proliferation of computer studies and schools offering computer related subjects has been observed in all parts of the world in response to the growing need of dedicated training and learning in Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

Basic Courses
A closer look on to what each course has to offer will give you a better idea in choosing which is it that fits you most in terms of interests and the kind of job you are most likely to end up with. Let me give you a list of popular programs and its specifications;

Computer Science, considered the most common of all studies. It combines, algorithms, mathematics and a theoretical understanding of computers designed to equip students to become inventors, entrepreneurs and devise new ways of using digital technology in a more efficient way. Thus, it requires students to come up with their own program/s as an undergraduate thesis to complete the course.

Information Technology pertains mostly to the knowledge and hands on skills that support an organization's daily operations. Also, it is a term that covers all areas of digital computation and communication. Installing, choosing hardware and software products appropriate for a particular organization, maintaining, and securing computer equipment and networks, designing and updating Web sites and other multimedia resources are examples of activities falling under this field of study.

Information Systems on the other hand, offers expertise in planning long term technology strategy. It is a combination of computer course and business course work covering all areas of the organization. It is different from Information Technology as it caters to all the functions within a firm (e.g. Healthcare Institutes).

Software engineering specializes in the study of meticulous methods in creating, refining, and maintaining reliable and efficient programming for computer users. Vital parts of this field include courses in project management, software requirements and specification, software testing, quality assurance and even creating the very software to be used.

Computer engineering, this discipline focuses on designing digital hardware and systems as well as programming digital chips that controls and connects digital devices. Its course covers digital circuits, control systems, instrumentation, and microprocessor systems.

Other Options
Continuous technological innovation and the need to acquire specialized skills by even the savviest of computer users have introduced more diversified applications and courses. It includes; Instructional technology , effective use of computer and other multimedia resources for human learning; graphics design; web design; animation; game design and information assurance - protection of software and networks from hackers and viruses.

Artificial intelligence, it aims to make machines work "smart" with the use of cognitive science and knowledge in engineering researches.
Informatics, developed due to the rapid growth and demand for interpretation, analyses and integration of immense amounts of data as a result of current academic and industrial researches.

Knowing what each study has to give and the kind of work it entails can definitely help you out in training for the right job. Learn to evaluate your interests, know which programs are available and equip yourself with the necessary skill set and get certified! Bear in mind, that whichever you choose will benefit you for the years to come. So, go on, and take your pick!

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