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A laptop vs. a desktop

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 18 May, 2011 18:48:54

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First of all, I’ll briefly explain the main difference of a laptop computer from a desktop computer. Laptop computers are the portable one’s where you can carry wherever you want to go while the desktop computers are the ones which has a small box like case commonly called as the CPU and it has a separate monitor unlike the laptop. A desktop and a laptop are both computers but they differ in some aspects. Below are some of their differences:

Size – First of all, the main difference of this two computers are their sizes, obviously, the laptop computer is the smaller one which you can just put inside your bag in going to work or school. Laptops are commonly used by persons who are always on the go because it’s portability. Desktops are commonly used at homes or in offices.

Hardware – With the hardware parts, laptop parts might be smaller but it is definitely more expensive compared to the desktop. A laptop motherboard failure can even cost you the price of a new laptop and that’s why laptop computers must always be used in a flat surface and never on a bed to prevent overheating.

Speed – When in terms of speed, the desktop computer will still be on the top position even if they are using the same processor and speed.

Price – The price will always depend on the specification of the computer but in general, desktop computers are cheaper compared to a laptop. For example, a complete dual core setup can cost around 15k while a dual core laptop can cost around 20+k depending on the brand and the size of the display.

Durability – Basically, desktop parts are more durable compared to a laptop but it will still depend on the user of the computer. Laptop users must always make sure that their laptop’s heat is properly dissipated to avoid overheating while desktop users must always make sure that their computers are free from dust to also avoid overheating.

For those who are planning to buy a computer but is still not decided whether to buy a desktop or a laptop, this article might help you decide. For gamers, I suggest that you buy a desktop computer rather than a laptop because in gaming, hardware parts can easily heat up and regardless of the brand of the laptop, it is still a laptop and is still prone to overheating. Laptop repairs can really cost you big money compared to desktop repairs.

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